Jealous man ‘tried to chop love rival’s d*** off’ after finding him at ex’s home

A jealous bloke who tried to cut off his love rival's penis has been jailed.

James Cunliffe has now been sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder after his attempts to mutilate Peter German in a frenzied revenge assault.

Manchester Crown Court heard yesterday how Cunliffe turned up at his ex girlfriend Shannon Mather's home while he was drunk and rugby-tackled Mr German, 45, after spotting them together inside.

The jilted boyfriend then started to punch the victim, before going into the kitchen and grabbing a large knife from the drawer, the The Mirror reports.

The attack escalated when Cunliffe stabbed the area known as the perineum – the spot between the genitals and the anus. The 33-year-old then knifed the man seven times in total, including puncturing his lung.

The frantic victim told police: “He was trying to chop my d*** off, he was trying to cut me down there on purpose.

“I thought it was game over for me, and I would just be sat there while he killed me. I feel like it's going to take me ages to feel normal again.”

Cunliffe had been thrown out by his ex Ms Mather. They had been living with his dad in Leigh, Greater Manchester, but had split before the incident.

A restraining order was put in place to stop him from seeing her, but he kept “flagrantly” breaking it for weeks.

He then turned up at her home on March 22 to collect some belongings, which is when he found his ex inside with another man.

The victim spent five days in hospital due to his injuries having also suffered a punctured lung.

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Mr German later said: "It affected me being in hospital knowing I have come so close to dying and I have been having bad dreams about it.

"I feel really sad and down all of the time and it is going to take me ages to feel normal again

"I am paranoid of people staring at me. Every time I have a dream, I am being chased by someone. I am sore everywhere and they cannot do anything about it.

"I have not been able to breathe for a few days. I keep getting headaches and throbbing all of the time."

Oliver Jarvis, defending Cunliffe said: “He says he deeply regrets his actions and wishes to apologise to the victim.”

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But a letter written by the man, read by the judge, said that he appeared to blame others for what happened.

The judge said: “From what you have written in your letter, it is clear that you consider everyone else to be the problem, your father, your ex-partner – but you are the problem, your selfish need to control your partner and your inability to control your temper, indeed your preparedness to lose control and behave as you wish when you feel that you have been wronged.

“It is to be hoped that while you are serving your sentence, you can access assistance in gaining insight into yourself.”

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