Ivana Trump was under FBI investigation for YEARS

Ivana Trump was under FBI investigation for YEARS during marriage to Trump over ties to communist home country – 190 declassified pages list ‘highly sensitive’ sources that informed on the former Czechoslovakian model

  • Documents reveal the FBI opened a probe into Ivana Trump beginning in 1989
  • The documents indicated allegations made about Ivana led the FBI into opening the probe, but the claims were redacted along with most of the file’s information 
  • The investigation appeared to take a look at Ivana’s connections to her home country of Czechoslovakia, which was a communist nation during her youth

Newly declassified FBI documents revealed Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump was the target of a counterintelligence investigation in the early 1990s.

The investigation probed into unknown allegations about Ivana’s connections to her home country of Czechoslovakia, which was a communist nation during her youth and remained in turmoil when the investigation into her began in 1989.

The documents, first obtained by Bloomberg through a Freedom of Information Act request filed after Ivana’s death in July 2022, showed the investigation was conducted across numerous countries including Canada and Austria, and dug into years of Ivana’s divorce, immigration, and employment records.

It remains unclear exactly what the allegations about Ivana were or who they came from, as the 190 declassified pages were heavily redacted and were merely a fraction of the investigation’s 900-pages of information. The FBI told Bloomberg the rest of the files would be released in April.

Ivana and Donald Trump were married from 1977 to 1990. The currently available documents indicate the investigation started in 1989 and was closed in 1990, but documents from between 1998 through 2001 were also present.

At no point in the released information is Ivana accused of a crime, and there was no suggestion she was involved in any wrongdoing.

Documents revealed the FBI opened a probe into Ivana Trump beginning in 1989

Donald and Ivana Trump in 1988. The couple married in 1977 and divorced in 1990

Documents from February and March 1989 indicated a source ‘previously advised the FBI’ about something the Bureau decided was worth opening a preliminary investigation into Ivana about.

The exact allegations made against Ivana and the identity of who made them are completely redacted from the documents, but the file notes ‘it is unknown if the allegations stem from jealousies of her wealth and fame. Investigation is continuing.’

Citing ‘highly reliable’ and ‘highly sensitive’ sources throughout, as well as clippings from news outlets like Time and Newsweek magazines, the files delve into Ivana’s father’s occupation as an electrical engineer, her education, her time as an Olympic skier for Czechoslovakia, and her career working as a ski instructor and a model in several countries.

The files detail Ivana’s marriage and divorce with Alfred Winklmayr, as well as her marriage and divorce with Mr. Trump.

‘Ivana met Donald in 1975 on a ski trip and married him in 1977,’ one page noted. ‘Ivana was a former Olympic skier before her marriage to Trump.’

Aside from references to his relationship with Ivana, Mr. Trump appeared to receive little attention in the investigation.

A file from 1990 noted a ‘highly confidential and reliable source’ told the FBI that Ivana had been in Czechoslovakia in June of that year where she was given an autographed book by Czech President Václav Havel.

The file mentioned Barrandov Film Industry studio in Prague, which was connected to President Havel and where Ivana appeared in an episode of a television show when she was unknown in 1970, according to Bloomberg. It is unclear why the document mentions the studio.

Donald and Ivana Trump display her American citizenship in New York City in 1988

Ivana Trump with children Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump who she had with Donald Trump

Also present in the documents were references to an individual with connections to Czechoslovakian intelligence who was known for arranging fake marriages, and who Ivana allegedly had connections to, according to Bloomberg.

A page from 1990 showed the FBI interviewed a prominent Czechoslovakian writer named Jiri Mucha who was described in the file as a ‘sometime “arranger” of fortuitous relationships and/or marriages.’ 

He was characterized in the files as a ‘leading member of the Czechoslovak artistic/intellectual community,’ but his connections to Ivana were unclear. His interview with the FBI was redacted.

Despite the investigation being apparently closed in 1990, news clippings from the late ’90s and early 2000s are present in the files.

One clipping from a 1998 Barron’s article references Ivana consorting with ‘questionable characters’ in her business ventures at the time.

Another clipping covered Russian mobsters and the 1999 gangland-style murders of a pair of stock brokers.

At least one page from 2001 indicated interviews were conducted in relation to the investigation. 

The FBI told Bloomberg some documents from the investigation had been destroyed, and that ‘hundreds’ were under review by other government agencies.

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