Innocent Army snap with vet trolled for accidentally ‘recreating explicit meme’

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The British Army has been brutally mocked on social media after posting an innocent photo with one of the last living soldiers who was involved with the 1944 Normandy landing.

The picture appeared on Twitter earlier this week. Taken in Cornwall on the 77th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Western Europe, it shows 96-year-old former Royal Engineer Harry Billinge sitting on a red sofa in the middle of a field.

Six soldiers from the Commando Royal Engineers are seen standing behind the veteran.

But, for some Twitter users, the set-up of the photo evoked memories of an infamous meme from an adult film.

The photo was compared to a popular "Piper Perri surrounded" meme, showing the porn actress on a sofa with five men in the background.

The comment section was immediately covered in assorted D-Day jokes and memes of varying levels of obscenity, with only a small number of users paying their respects to the veteran and thanking the military for their service and for commemorating the D-Day anniversary.

A number of users suggested the unfortunate photo was due to the Army's social media team not being as well versed with well-known memes or they might have prevented mocking by spotting how the photo could be received.

Other, more contrarian users believed that the photoshoot was done exactly as expected, with the person behind it making a direct reference to the porn meme.

Some people even bizarrely claimed that one of the soldiers was way too happy for the event – despite all wearing a face covering making it impossible to see their facial expressions.

Users were quick to respond to the 'accidental' creation, with some witty responses.

Despite the mockery online, the post still exists and some of the replies have almost as many likes as the original Tweet.

The original Tweet has nearly 3000 likes with the meme response on around 2000.

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