Incredible video shows Mountain lion prowling through a backyard

‘My God, that’s not a dog…’: Incredible footage shows hungry mountain lion prowling through a backyard just inches away from stunned California homeowner

  • Patrick Osgood was looking out the window of his living room on Sunday when he thought he saw a dog in his backyard
  • On closer inspection, Osgood said he quickly realized it wasn’t a dog but in fact a mountain lion who appeared to be on the hunt
  • Grabbing his phone, he captured the incredible moment the wild cat sauntered through his garden just inches away from the glass pane he was stood behind
  • The cat disappeared down the side of his home and is thought to have eaten a neighbor’s cat shortly afterwards
  • The lion hasn’t been seen since Osgood’s encounter but residents of Jackson have been told to keep their domestic pets indoors for the time being

A California man was left stunned when the furry creature he spotted moving through the grass in his backyard turned out to be a mountain lion on the hunt for food.

Patrick Osgood was glancing out the window of his living room in Jackson on Sunday morning, when he saw what he thought was a loose dog rummaging around in his backyard.

On closer inspection though, Osgood says he quickly realized it wasn’t a canine or any ordinary cat – it was a actually mountain lion.

Stunned, Osgood immediately ran to grab his phone and documented the big cat prowling just a inches away from where he was standing, appearing to be following a scent.

Patrick Osgood was glancing out the window of his living room in Jackson on Sunday morning when he saw the huge mountain lion on the patio of his backyard

Appearing to be attempting to follow a scent, the lion saunters through Osgood’s garden, following its nose

The wild cat then disappears down the side of Osgood’s Jackson, CA home, just inches away from the stunned homeowner who was stood behind his living room window

The nonchalant wild cat struts slowly along the edge of Osgood’s stone patio before disappearing down the side of the house.

Though he says his home is surrounded by a lot of wilderness, this is by far the most impressive wild animal he’s encountered, Osgood says.

‘It poked its head up,’ recalled Osgood to Fox40. ‘I said, “My god, that’s not a dog. That’s a mountain lion.” And it was in no rush whatsoever, just sauntering along.

‘It was just amazing to me that he was right there where we hang out on a daily basis.’

Typically, mountain lions are solitary by nature, but experts say the felines will venture into populated areas when a direct source of food is nearby.

Unfortunately, in this case it seemed the food source was a local resident’s pet.

Patrick Osgood (pictured) called the encounter ‘amazing’ but insisted he feels a little nervous that the lion may still be near-by

Paw prints in the gravel of Osgood’s backyard show were the animal emerged from in the garden on Sunday

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Realizing his neighbors have an outdoor cat, Osgood says he called them immediately after the encounter to warn them about the lion, but they were out of town.

When they returned on Monday, they reportedly found a pool of blood in the garden and their cat was nowhere to be seen.

Osgood admits to feeling a little ‘skittish’ after the close encounter, anxious at the thought of the lion returning.

But experts say It’s unlikely the lion will return, as they often occupy large territories spanning up to 100 miles.

However, pet-owners have been told to keep their domestic animals in-doors for the time-being as a precaution.

‘It was kind of awesome to see a big cat like that,’ Osgood said. ‘Hopefully, it’s the last time we see it.’

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