Incredible moment woman ‘pushes milk lorry up icy hill’ in snow-covered road

A woman has left viewers impressed by her "incredible strength" when she was filmed appeared to be pushing a lorry up an icy hill.

The video, filmed in Scotland, was shared onto the Fife Jammers locations Facebook group where it wrote: "Just your average Cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill…"

In the 14-second clip, the woman is seen standing at the back of a huge HGV carrying Graham's dairy products on a snow-covered slope, the Daily Record reports.

She places her hands on the vehicle and appears to be giving it a push from behind as the lorry goes forward.

The two women standing at the corner of the street seem unfazed while watching the stunt unfolds.

The post has garnered more than 134,000 views since it was posted yesterday, February 10.

Some said the video looked funny at first, but warned that it is a dangerous act if she was actually pushing it.

A viewer commented: "Prove that milk is for strong bones and teeth. She is a tank."

"Didn't know Wonder Woman was around," a local penned.

One wrote: "Stay clear of that back door they are prone to cages falling through it. That's no joke either."

A second added: "All good till the lorry starts to slide."

Others suggested it could be just optical illusions, with one saying: "She’s hanging on for a lift up the road the lorry is pulling her."

Scotland has been blasted with snow and ice as Storm Darcy hammers the country.

Called the 'Beast from the East 2' forecasters are now warning of "tough" driving conditions amid an amber weather warning.

The Met Office blamed the 'bitterly cold' weather on strong easterly winds that have battered the country from Ukraine and the Black Sea.

A slew of weather warnings remain in place today until Friday for snow and ice across much of the country as conditions remain treacherous.

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