Incredible moment cat survives after jumping five floors from blazing apartment

A black cat has luckily survived after taking a leap from a fifth-floor balcony to escape a fire in the apartment.

Hennessy the domestic feline made headlines when it was filmed jumping almost 50 feet off a residential block in Englewood, Chicago in the United States on Friday evening, May 14.

In a video taken by a neighbour near 65th and Lowe shows smoke billowing out of the broken windows.

Some debris is seen dropping off the smouldering apartment and dropping onto the ground.

At one point, Hennessy emerges from a window frame next to the extractor fan and takes a flying leap before landing perfectly on all fours.

While terrified neighbours are watching in fear, the cat makes a calm "meow" and walks away in no apparent wounds.

"It flew. Then landed and went that way," witness Kaniyah Sims said. "Everyone was screaming and then we all were in shock because it landed and did not die."

Chicago Fire Department said at least two apartment units were badly damaged but there were no injuries reported.

They shared the "flying cat" footage on Twitter and later gave an update that the cat owner could not find Hennessy after his lucky escape.

The post read: "Hennessy the flying cat has not returned home yet. Neighbours near 65th and Lowe are out looking for the now-famous feline.

"His owner says he is a house cat that did not go out. We will update if he is located."

Viewers were stunned and praised for the cat's safe return to his owner.

One said: "Amazing! He first had to judge how far he'd have to leap forward to clear the wall that is not close to the building and land on the strip of grass."

Another wrote: "The form, the technique, the landing! It's a 10 for me."

An animal rescuer suggested the volunteers to search the trees and bushes around the area for Hennessy.

"Search up the bushes across the street. The cat could even climb up a tree or thick bushes," he said. "Calling may not be successful as many cats don't meow loudly, especially an injured or a shocked cat.

"Use a strong searchlight after dark."

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