Hungry Russian soldier ‘sent to die’ with rations that ‘expired in 2015’

Russian soldiers "sent to die" in Ukraine have bemoaned the lack of "normal food", as their rations allegedly went out of date in 2015.

In a video shared widely online a Russian solider, purportedly in Ukraine, opens a cardboard box full of supplies before taking out each individual package and indicating a date on the back, which appears to show the goods out of date.

"Look what are they doing, they send you to die on a foreign soil for nothing and they don't even give you normal food," the soldier is said to have complained in the clip.

He points at the numbers 10 04 13 and 10 02 15, apparently the date the food was made and the date it should be consumed by.

It is not clear exactly when the video is from. In it, the soldier uses a knife to rip open the packet and shows the contents of the MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) field ration.

He says that Russians are dying in Ukraine for nothing and pleads with the mothers of Russian soldiers to stop their sons from going into Ukraine.

The Russian Federation reportedly uses a ration called the “24-Hour Individual Food Ration" that has seven varieties.

They usually contain assorted canned meat and vegetables, barley porridge, boiled buckwheat, rice with beef, crackers, sausage stuffing, liver pate, stewed beef and other things like multivitamins.

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It also has useful gadgets like an alcohol-based heater and a can opener.

In July 2020, YouTuber David Hong tried a variety of MREs for his channel, saying he "really liked" the Russian one that consisted of meatballs in tomato sauce, rice and ground beef with carrots and peas, and a beef stew with potatoes.

It also came with crackers, canned pork fat, a cheese spread, some sort of veggie spread that Hong likened to baby food, chocolate, apple sauce, a liverwurst spread, fruit-flavored drinks, and coffee.

Replying to a different review of the MRE on a bushcraft forum, one commenter jested: "No vodka? I thought that was a staple over there?"

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