Huge lion savages wildlife park owner and drags him into enclosure

This is the distressing moment a man was dragged away by a blood-thirsty lion after entering its enclosure at a wildlife park.

Horrified onlookers scream in terror as the man is dragged along the ground of the big cat pen like a rag doll, towards some bushes.

It is believed the shocking clip was filmed at a park in South Africa, and the man involved is the owner, according to reports.

He’d entered the cage while another man, presumably a keeper, with a small bucket in his hand looked to be coaxing the lion toward the edge.

The lion then spots the man in its territory and hurtles towards him.

Terrified, the man runs towards a door of the enclosure, before the huge male lion pounces, knocking him to the ground.

The other men rush to see what is happening but can only watch on.

Helpless witnesses can be hard shouting ‘oh my God’ while the man screams for help, The Sun reported.

The beast drags him along the ground towards some bushes, then pauses before pawing at his head as he shouts ‘help please’.

The lion then flips the man to his other side and he disappears from view behind a bush as onlookers sob in fear.

Someone is heard yelling "shoot" and making noises in a vain attempt to scare the big cat away.

A shot then rings out and the lion runs away, leaving the man lying motionless on the ground.

A tourist shouts "get a rifle, somebody get a rifle just in case" before a second shot can be heard and witnesses continue crying.

"F***", one of them says, as another adds "please somebody help him".

A distressed woman can be heard sobbing throughout the one-minute-42-second clip, as a man repeatedly shouts to keepers to get a rifle.

As the footage ends, the lion can still be seen prowling around the enclosure and there is no sight of the man.

He is reportedly in a critical condition.

The lion was killed following the attack.

It was reported the incident was at Marakele National Park.

A spokesman said: "Marakele National Park do not have any animal enclosure and there is no incident of animal attack within the park."

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