Housekeeper reveals with UV light your bathroom isn't as clean as you think – & TikTok users are shocked

Housekeeper reveals with UV light your bathroom isn't as clean as you think – & TikTok users are shocked

One housekeeper revealed that despite how a bathroom may look clean, she only cleans with a UV or black light, as it shows the true mess in the space.

The cleaning hack was shared by TikToker @vaneamaro91, whose name is Vanesa Amaro, according to her profile.

"This bathroom looks pretty clean, right?" she said as she panned her camera around the room.


She then revealed why she always cleans bathrooms with a UV or black light.

Turning off the main bathroom lights, and using the UV flashlight, she made a shocking revelation – there were spots covering the entire bathroom.

Vanesa said the spots are mostly urine.

"Now I know that I not only have to clean the toilet, but the WHOLE wall, the floor…" she said.

Spots lit up around the bottom of the toilet, on the plunger, on the floor, and on the walls.

"Almost all of it you see glowing is pee," she said as she shined the light around the toilet.

In text over the video, she advised to always close the lid before flushing to prevent spread of bodily fluids from the plume.

She showed one puddle next to the floor trim, with more spots on the wall above it.

Vanesa said the light shows that the bathroom floor can't just be vacuumed or mopped – but must be thoroughly cleaned.

People were mortified at the housekeeper's revelation.

"I'm so scared to look at my bathroom like that with two little boys and a big boy (my husband)," one person commented.

Another person wrote: "Girl. I just moved into a house that has CARPET IN THE BATHROOM." They added: "switching it out fast as I can!"

"I want to get the light but I also don't want to get it!" one person said.

Another person commented: "I'm scared to do this with 4 men in the house."

"It's the random puddles that makes me wonder what the hell is going on in there," one person wrote.

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