Hospital bomb threat investigators uncover worker’s cupboard full of guns

Police were shocked when a hoax bomb threat led them to discover more than three dozen weapons in an unlocked cupboard in a hospital.

Police in Secaucus, New Jersey, responded to a report just after 3pm on July 18 at Hudson Regional Hospital, an acute care facility on the Hackensack River.

While no bombs were found, a sniffer dog led astounded police to a cupboard chock full of guns including seven rifles and shotguns, 11 handguns, a .45-caliber semi-automatic and 14 rounds of high-capacity ammunition.

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The hospital's marketing director, Reuven Alonalayoff, 46, has been taken into custody over the find and was charged with possession of an assault firearm and two counts of possession of a high-capacity magazine.

In the state of New Jersey, his charges could fetch a maximum sentence of about five to 10 years when taken together, along with additional fines.

Alonalayoff was taken into custody on Sunday at Newark Liberty International Airport – although it is unclear what he was doing there.

Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller said: "The unsecured storage of a large cache of weaponry, especially in this location, certainly creates a risk to public safety, and said he was 'thankful this situation was resolved without anyone being harmed."

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A spokesman for the hospital told The Jersey Journal that Alonalayoff is no longer employed there – but now law enforcement officers are scratching their heads over how Alonalayoff was allegedly able to transport all the firearms into the unit undetected and how long they were hidden inside his office.

New Jersey is a Democrat state with harsher restrictions on gun laws than other parts of the US.

At the start of last month, State Governor Phil Murphy signed seven bills into law with the hope of curtailing gun violence.

"In the wake of horrific mass shootings in Highland Park, Illinois, Uvalde Texas, and Buffalo, New York, it is necessary that we take action in order to protect our communities," he said.


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