Horror moment jilted man shoots ex-girlfriend after trying to get back with her

A journalist tried to execute his ex-girlfriend and shoot her three times before he turned the gun on himself.

José Marcondes, 46, was rushed to a local hospital in Mato Grosso, Brazil where he died following surgery.

The founder of online newspaper Muvuca Popular dated 33-year-old Nadia Vilela for about a month before Nadia broke up with him.

CCTV footage shows him visiting his former partner's workplace in a desperate bid to rekindle their relationship.

He enters a grocery store and speaks to Nadia, who is working as a cashier, before stepping around the counter and going into her office.

The pair share a brief conversation but appear to argue when the jilted ex takes out a handgun, firing three shots at Nadia.

The terrified woman runs for her life as she heads to the exit and looks for help from passersby.

A kind woman is seen helping her off the ground in front of the entrance. They then walk to a man who had just parked his vehicle across the street who rushes her to the nearby Santa Angela Hospital.

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She was shot in the hands, as well as her mouth and chest but responded well to surgery and her subsequent medications.

According to local reports, Marcondes shot himself in the head before the police arrived.

His newspaper issued a statement online condemning his "coward" behaviour: "The newsroom of Muvuca do Popular, composed mainly of women, was surprised with a fateful news.

"The site's founder, José Marcondes Neto, popularly known as 'Muvuca' carried out an act of cowardice by committing an attempt at femicide against his ex-girlfriend, Nádia Mendes Vilela, where the communicator fired four shots at the pharmacist and then shot at himself.

"Muvuca has always had all the criteria that characterise a good person.

"Despite all his kindness and cordiality to those around him, his outsized jealousy did not stop him from trying against the life of his ex-partner.

"Well, that's how violence against women works."

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