Hooters mass brawl sees topless thugs throw stools as waitress runs for cover

A fight broke out at a Hooters restaurant when a group of boys allegedly started fighting over chocolate bars.

The incident took place outside the popular American-owned chicken wings restaurant in Plano, Texas, on Tuesday after a group of young boys tried to sell confectionary to customers in the outlet.

They were escorted by a Hooters manager and were asked to leave the restaurant.

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Video shared on social media shows at least two topless boys throwing stools and bar tables at the front door.

One customer who is trying to help the staff can be seen running back towards the diner, but he gets hit and collapses to the floor.

"Stop! Oh my God!" a waitress yells as she runs back to safety. It's over a chocolate bar!"

The group continues to shout while trying to break into the restaurant.

At one point, a man grabs an ashtray and smashes it into the window, shattering the glass.

Detective Jerry Minton, from Plano Police Department, said two young boys, aged between 10 and 13 years old, were asked to leave when they tried to sell chocolate bars to customers inside Hooters.

During the commotion, the manager "was hit by some hard object and broke his arm by one of the assailants".

A waitress was left with cuts on her face from the broken glass.

"It looked like they were trying to do everything they could to keep the assault from occurring inside the restaurant," he said.

Plano Police Department wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: "The investigation from an incident at hooters off of Central Expressway is still ongoing. Media release will be posted soon."

Some viewers were shocked that no one came to stop the group.

One commented: "So a place full of 'men' and no one, from the short video, came to help."

"Disgusting, already risky walking or driving now we have to worry about our safety at restaurant," a second added.


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