Hold on tight son! Boris Johnson gives 23-month-old Wilf a ride

Hold on tight son! Boris Johnson gives 23-month-old Wilf a ride on his shoulders as he take a stroll down Whitehall

  • The charming scene unfolded on Whitehall in Central London this morning
  • Wilf looked to be having a great time riding on Boris Johnson’s shoulders
  • The one-year-old showed off green credentials with £55 recycled bottles coat 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was every bit the doting father this morning as he strolled down Whitehall with son Wilf on his shoulders.

The 23-month-old boy appeared to be enjoying the ride on his famous parent.

And Mr Johnson’s green agenda to save the environment had even rubbed off on him.

Wilf – who was born in April 2020 – was sporting a £55 raincoat made from recycled plastic bottles.

The garment, which is made by husband and wife brand Fred & Noah, is waterproof and durable.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen walking Whitehall with his son Wilf on his shoulders in Central London this morning

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen in Whitehall in Central London giving a cheerful wave

Fred & Noah described it: ‘Our Hot air balloon Raincoat has been designed by us, two parents that wanted a raincoat that wasn’t just fun and stylish but also incredibly functional. ‘

This morning it was reported Mr Johnson was ‘desperate’ to visit Ukraine to see for himself the devastation  being wreaked by Vladimir Putin’s invasion, a minister has said.

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden insisted the PM has a ‘real emotional connection’ with the suffering of the Ukrainian people and wants to experience what it is like ‘on the ground’.

The comments, in an interview with LBC, came despite security fears over Mr Johnson’s apparent desire to visit Kyiv for talks with Volodymyr Zelensky.

The premier has been holding almost daily calls with the president, which insiders told MailOnline have often been emotional and left Mr Johnson ‘moist around the eyes’.  

The rubble of a shopping mall shelled by Russian forces in north west Kyiv yesterday

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden insisted the PM has a ‘real emotional connection’ with Ukraine

The UN’s refugee agency says around 3.5million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion began, with millions more forced out their homes remaining in the country.

Mr Dowden, who serves in Cabinet, said: ‘I think the Prime Minister is desperate to go to Ukraine and has throughout this conflict felt a real – as the British people have done – a real emotional connection with the suffering of the Ukrainian people and a need for the West to unite in standing up to this threat from Russia which has been exposed to Ukraine.’

Pushed on why Mr Johnson needed to travel to the war zone rather than speaking to Mr Zelensky on the phone, Mr Dowden said: ‘Well I think it’s both to see what’s going on on the ground – because it’s very different talking to somebody on the phone versus actually seeing it in practice, and by the way, I should say that no decisions have been taken in relation to this – but then secondly, it’s actually to experience what is happening there, to see what is happening to the people on the ground.’

He added: ‘I think that is very different to just speaking remotely.’

Eight people were killed in Kyiv on Sunday when a shopping centre was hit.

The Ministry of Defence says the Russian advance on the capital remains stalled in the face of determined Ukrainian resistance.

The bulk of Moscow’s forces are believed to be still more than 15 miles from the centre.

Analysts believe the capital is still the Kremlin’s main military objective, although it is thought the Russians will try to force it into submission through encirclement rather than attempting a direct assault. 

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