Hilarious exchange as woman demands refund for ridiculous £10 psychic reading

A woman who was duped by a ‘fake psychic’ demanded a refund – and the exchange over Facebook messenger is hilarious.

After paying £10 for a reading over the social media site, Niamh Gargan, from Glasgow, received the unexpected response that said she loves teeth whitening, tanning and milkshakes.

She was also told she will fall pregnant, despite doctors saying she won’t be able to conceive.

Screenshots of the exchange with ‘psychic’ Brodie Mcdougall on messenger were posted on Twitter by Niamh’s friend, and it’s gone viral.

More than 65,000 people have liked it and 12,000 retweeted it.

But the 19-year-old just wanted her tenner refunded.

She’d sent Brodie a picture of her on holiday in Rome to be analysed and when she got the disappointing response, replied asking for something more "spiritual".

Niamh then quickly cottoned on and asked for her money back as it was "obviously fake".

Brodie insisted she was legitimate, saying: "It’s not fake, I am in the middle of doing i [sic].

"Takes a lot of energy hunnie."

The ‘reading’ quickly descended into odd territory, with Brodie giving bizarrely specific comments about a supposed dead auntie and someone who "bought you Easter eggs all the time" "and hair clips".

Brodie went on with: "I see a baby".

When Niamh explained that wouldn’t be possible, the ‘psychic’ said she would adopt.

Messages from Brodie then stopped making much sense at all, as she claims the young woman had a "bad past".

"Someone was close to you at a young get you went though a bad past x," the message said.

And just for good measure, she added: "Your [sic] always bored."

Losing patience and apparently not seeing the funny side at the time, Niamh responded with: "Can you refund me my £10 before I report this as a scam."

A very clearly fed-up Niamh then sent her PayPal details and later confirmed on Twitter that she did get her money back.

Friend Matthew tweeted: "Honestly couldn’t make up the stuff Niamh does.

"Paid a random lassie £10 for a psychic reading n got THIS.

"Can’t even ‘your always bored’ [sic]."

Others jumped on the bandwagon and began contacting Brodie for readings.

A chap called Tom shared a photo he’d sent to the ‘psychic’, of him sat beside the sea on what looks to be a holiday.

The reading he received said: "You love fishing you like to explore climb mountains been on a couple of boats."

He posted it online with the caption: "I’m done."

Mirror Online has contacted Brodie Mcdougall for comment. We didn’t send a selfie with our request, though.

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