Helicopter with baby onboard crashes onto busy road during trip to hospital

A medical helicopter with a baby patient on board crash landed in a smoking wreckage on a busy road.

The aircraft plunged onto a street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US at around 1pm local time on Tuesday.

How everyone inside the chopper survived the wreckage has been described as nothing short of a "miracle" by a police chief.

The helicopter was nearing the end of its journey taking an infant to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia having set off from Maryland.

Not only did the infant, pilot and the two other passengers make it out of the crash alive but no serious damage was caused to buildings or power lines either.

"It’s a miracle, it’s an absolute miracle, here what you see behind me," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy M. Bernhardt said.

Witness, Joshua James told Fox29 that he was forced to suddenly slam his car into reverse when he saw the tail of the helicopter swaying back and forth.

Another witness said it looked like the pilot was close to landing on a rooftop when the helicopter dodged a web of power lines as it plummeted towards the ground, and on impact slid into bushes by a church.

Jerrell Saunders who watched the potential tragedy added: "I guess the pilot tried to land in a safe area, because it took a bounce on the a ground and fell and, like, slid."

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Everyone jumped out of the smoking helicopter which had twisted onto its side, Jerrell said.

Timothy Boyce, the director of Emergency Services for Delaware County said he is "feeling grateful" considering how the landing could have ended for those on board.

He said: "A helicopter down is never something we want to deal with.

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"When they pull up and see that it's a medical flight and then they tell you that there's a paediatric patient on there, and things are going the right direction right now, I think we have to be grateful."

Images of the helicopter show its tail torn off and folded underneath the cockpit, The Sun reports.

Right beside the wreckage was Drexel Hill United Methodist Church which appeared to escape unscathed.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it and the National Transportation Safety Board would investigate the crash.

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