Heartstopping moment pilot comes within inches of parked jet while landing plane

A pilot landed a plane within inches of a parked jet on a runway as onlookers watched on in horror.

The heartstopping footage shows the plane coming into land, before it descends towards the runway and brushes past another parked plane.

A child could be overheard screaming as the DC3 approached the runway in South America near Colombia’s border with Brazil.

While some screamed in disbelief, one bystander could be heard whooping with joy at the devil-dare flyover instead of running for his life.

Regional newspaper El Morichal posted the footage on a social media feed alongside the strapline: “Skill or recklessness?”

Local reports said Civil Aviation authorities had launched an investigation into the incident at Taraira’s airstrip, where DC3 planes carrying cargo and passengers land three times a week from larger cities in Colombia and tractors are used to take passengers’ luggage from the hold.

Colombian daily El Pais described it as an “extraordinary manoeuvre which almost caused an air accident”

Argentinian pilot Manuel Mazzucco, commenting on the footage, said: “It’s impossible for this pilot to calculate whether his landing gear is going to hit the plane below.

“I’ve been flying for 20 years and spent the last ten working for an airline and my opinion is definitely that this is recklessness.”

Colombian teacher Jose Ramirez Bedoya added: “The question is not one of whether it’s recklessness but the fact that this is not an airport with proper security and those planes are from the 1970s.”

But Francisco Hurtado wrote: “The pilot can see there’s a plane at the top of the runway and even then he continues with his approach.

“For me it’s skill but with a controlled amount of risk.”

The town and airport of Taraira are just 2.5 miles west of Colombia’s border with Brazil.

It is part of the department of Vaupes, which is in the jungle-covered Amazonas Region of the country.

Its main economic activities are logging and fishing. The vast majority of the population consists of indigenous inhabitants.

Princess Juliana Airport on the Caribbean island of St Maarten is famed among pilots who often have to fly close to holidaymakers packing Maho Beach to land.

Thrill-seekers have also been known to hold on to the fence of the airport when a jet is getting ready to take off so they are blasted when the engine kicks in, lifting them off the ground.

A sign next to the beach warns people they can be killed by the jet blast from landing planes.

Lukla Airport in Nepal usually tops the list of the world’s most dangerous airports.

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