Head of £22k-a-year boarding school apologises for Open Day ad boasting about his 'beautiful blue Jaguar'

Jonathan Powis – who runs the posh Vinehall school in East Sussex – vowed to take "a long hard look" at how an open day advert gloating about his "beautiful dark blue Jaguar" ended up in the local paper.

The advert features a boy musing about how his dad can't afford the fancy motor, and has to drive a battered Volvo instead.

It states: "The Volvo Estate – your Dad's pride and joy – suddenly swung left into a long drive.

"You saw 'Open Day' signs and your eyes widened.

"You pointed to the beautiful dark blue Jaguar parked by a sign saying 'Headmaster's Parking'.

"You said you wished your Dad had one. Your Dad looked wistful, the Volvo had to do a few years yet."

A used Jaguar XF Prestige Saloon could set parents back £15,980 – nearly two THOUSAND pounds less than the cheapest annual rate the school offers.

Fees for just one kid at Vinehall can reach a mammoth £23,208 per year.

The barmy ad continues: "You did well at Vinehall and have fond memories. You were very successful in business.

"You bought your Dad a Jaguar when he retired. You think every child should go along to the Open Days.

"Maybe they will buy their Dad a Jaguar one day too."

Last night Mr Powis grovelled: "I very deeply regret the widespread offence caused by the recent open day advertisement.

"It was wholly misguided, and should never have seen the light of day. I must stress it is in no way a reflection of the ethos of our school and the worthwhile work we do here.

"We are taking a long hard look at how it came to be created in the first place, but as head, I must take full responsibility for its appearance, and can only apologise for such an unfortunate error of judgement.

"Vinehall prides itself on being a friendly, inclusive place, where the values of modesty and broad-mindedness are at the forefront of our guidance and teaching."

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