He who dares swims! Hilarious moment grandfather gets a soaking

He who dares swims! Hilarious moment grandfather gets a soaking as he tries to jump a stream for a £10 bet

  • Ian Soutar tried to win £10 from his family by leaping over a stream in Angus 
  • He ran and jumped over the stream which had a steep bank on the far side
  • Unfortunately for Mr Soutar he did not have the momentum to land safely 
  • His daughter Kimberly posted the footage online where it was widely shared

A grandfather was left red-faced after betting his daughter £10 that he could jump across a stream before failing miserably and tripping backwards into the water.

Kimberley Soutar filmed her father Ian’s disastrous attempt to win the cash when they were out for a walk around Monikie Country Park in Angus. 

Mr Soutar said he would be able to jump the stream ‘no bother’, but claimed he would only do so if there was money on the challenge. 

Ian Soutar, pictured, tried to leap across a narrow stream in Angus while walking with his family

The 55-year-old grandfather had struck a bet with his family that he would clear the stream

Mr Soutar failed to clear the water and fell backwards into the stream 

His family agreed the £10 bet before calling the 55-year-old from Letham, Angus to ‘do it’. 

Mr Soutar spends a few seconds preparing himself for the jump and reaches the far bank. 

Unfortunately, Mr Soutar did not have the momentum to carry him up the opposite bank and lost balance, falling backwards into the water. 

 While lying in the stream, Mr Soutar describes the water as ‘icy’. 

Ms Soutar posted the footage on Facebook on Sunday and said: ‘2020 has been really s****, but I think we can all agree that spending time with family makes everything better. 

‘Safe to say my Dad didn’t win the £10 bet. Please watch until the end you won’t be disappointed.’

Ms Soutar added: ‘My dad started to say he could jump the stream “no bother” as we were passing and my sister said now way. 

‘I said I thought it was manageable and that if he did it I would give him £10 so he said give the money to your sister first. 

‘So I got my phone out just in case, that’s when he started to walk away and the rest is history. 

Mr Soutar ended getting soaked after landing on his back in the stream he described as ‘icy’ 

Ian Soutar, pictured, claimed he would be able to leap over the stream and remain dry

Mr Soutar, pictured with his wife Elmarie, complained about the water being too cold

More than 500,000 people have watched the footage on TikTok gathering 80,000 likes. 

She added: ‘He says he doesn’t want the fame, just the money.’

Social media users commented on the footage.  Drew Webster wrote: ‘You’ll need to see a back specialist after this.’

Deborah Gillan said: ‘Oh my god Ian, good on you!’ 

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