Harry ‘could write another book’ as Spare cut because family would not ‘forgive’

Prince Harry has revealed that he has enough cut material from Spare to write "another" book that Prince William and King Charles III would "not forgive".

His original transcript was revealed to be of twice the length of the final draft that ended up making the first book from the Duke of Sussex.

Said revelation may worry the Royal Family after the slate of allegations already made by Prince Harry, with Buckingham Palace sources noting he may be forced into writing another book.

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Such a sequel to Spare would come as a way of financial gain, insiders believe, with the "first draft" said to have been "800 pages".

The Duke of Sussex revealed the initial length of the book in a recent interview with The Telegraph, where he said: "The first draft was different. It was 800 pages, and now it’s down to 400 pages.

"It could have been two books, put it that way. And the hard bit was taking things out.

"There are some things that have happened, especially between me and my brother, and to some extent between me and my father, that I just don’t want the world to know. Because I don’t think they would ever forgive me."

It comes as the Duke revealed he had struggled to figure out what to keep and what to cut in the run-up to Spare's release.

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Despite the need to cut and chop bits and pieces of his first draft, it would appear Harry took up to 50 Zoom calls with his ghostwriter.

The use of a ghostwriter comes as the Duke was aware that within the Royal Family, writing a book of his own would be "an absolute no," he claimed.

Among the finished and published book, Spare dictated a fair few allegations levelled toward members of the Royal Family, however its audiobook edition has since been mocked.

Daily Star previously reported the uncanny styling the audiobook from Prince Harry had to that of North Norfolk Radio legend and fictional comedy character, Alan Partridge.

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