Halifax Regional Police officer rescues injured beaver

A Halifax police officer went out of her way to rescue an injured beaver that was discovered on the Bedford waterfront this past weekend.

Const. Alyssa Borutski was flagged down at approximately 10 a.m., on Saturday by a group of people at 100 Waterfront Drive in Bedford.

The people alerted Borutski that there was an injured beaver nearby. The officer quickly got supplies and with the assistance of a bystander went to take a look at the beaver who appeared to be in distress.

Borutski was unavailable for an interview with Global News, but Halifax Regional Police say that Borutski transported the beaver to the Bedford offices of the HRP.

The injured beaver was taken to the Bedford offices of the Halifax Regional Police before being taken to Hope For Wildlife for treatment.

Volunteers with Hope for Wildlife met with police there and took the beaver to their facility.

An update on the status of the beaver was not immediately available.

Borutski appears to be making a habit of saving wildlife. Earlier this summer she was one of the officers who helped to save a duckling that was lost in traffic on Highway 102.

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