Hairdresser, 51, claims she has 'two babies' FACES' in her knees

A HAIRDRESSER claims she has two 'babies' faces' showing on her knees.

Karen Simpson, 51, returned to work in Sidcup, Kent on July 4 as coronavirus lockdown restrictions were eased.

Ms Simpson said her daughter came into the salon and noticed that her knees were looking swollen.

"I was between clients and she said 'it looks like you have a baby on your knee'," she told The Sun Online.

"I then asked my next client if she could see it and she said 'oh my God, you do, it looks like you have two babies' faces on both knees'."

She said the faces become more prominent as the workday goes on and her knees become more swollen.

"It's had my clients in hysterics, and I sent a picture to my friend and it's gone viral around where she works," Ms Simpson said.

"All the people there say it looks like a baby with a bald head. If I'm standing up all day it will do it again as my knees start to swell."

Ms Simpson said she has been a hairdresser since she was 18 but has never seen faces developing in a worker's knees.

"Suddenly coming back to work has been chaos, and doing lots of long hours does take its toll on hairdressers' knees," she said.

"Hairdressers out there will empathise. It felt like my knees were getting really sore standing up for long hours."

She plans to visit the doctor to find out what is causing the faces to appear in her knees.

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