Grieving husband to driver accused of killing wife: ‘i f–king hate u’

The grieving Rockland County father whose wife and six kids were intentionally run over by a raging motorist — killing the woman, all because he was asked not to smoke in front of the family — railed against the alleged killer Thursday on Facebook.

“Killer u killed my wife lover best friend mother of my 6 kids my world,” wrote a reeling Shawn DeLoatch, linking to a news article about the arrest of alleged murderer Jason Mendez. “i f–king hate u.”

DeLoatch’s nightmare began when he asked Mendez not to smoke in front of his sickly kids in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Garnerville on Wednesday afternoon, cops have said.

Mendez, 35, hopped behind the wheel of his 2013 Infiniti, and floored it onto a sidewalk and directly into the clan, killing DeLoatch’s wife, prosecutors allege.

For good measure, he then allegedly reversed the car, then ran over them a second time, according to prosecutors.

“Missing my wife Melissa Shawn DeLoatch,” the husband wrote in another mournful Facebook post. “please come back to me.”

DeLoatch also peppered his page Thursday with photos of the couple and their kids together in happier times, adding that their children — none of whom is older than 10 — are “doing great” in the hospital.

A former neighbor of the family said that the patriarch had long been militant about smoking around his brood, at least two of whom have chronic respiratory issues.

“You couldn’t smoke around his kids. He wouldn’t have none of that,” said the family friend, who declined to give her name. “He’d call the cops on the drug dealers [for smoking in front of his house]. They retaliated by throwing bricks through his front window.

“When it came to his kids, he was crazy.”

Mendez was arrested by cops Wednesday — but not before allegedly pulling out a knife, forcing them to subdue him with a stun gun.

He has been hit with a slew of charges, topped by a murder count.

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