Greta Thunberg dubs herself 'bunny-hugger' in her Twitter profile

Greta Thunberg dubs herself ‘bunny-hugger’ in her Twitter profile in response to Boris Johnson’s climate change remarks

  • Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg made the change on Thursday
  • It came hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Climate Summit address
  • Thunberg has often poked fun at world leaders’ comments on climate change

Greta Thunberg has poked fun at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, changing her Twitter profile to ‘Bunny hugger’ after he used the phrase in his speech at Thursday’s Climate Summit. 

The change came just hours after Johnson used the phrase in his address at the virtual summit held on International Earth Day. 

The prime minister said: ‘It’s vital for all of us to show that this is not all about some expensive politically correct green act of ‘bunny-hugging’ or however you want to put it,’ he said.

‘Nothing wrong with bunny-hugging but you know what I’m driving at.’

Greta Thunberg has poked fun at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, changing her Twitter profile to ‘Bunny hugger’ after he use the phrase in his speech at Thursday’s Climate Summit

Boris Johnson, speaking at the virtual global Leaders Summit on Climate from Downing Street, urged the world’s richest nations to embrace climate action

December 2019: After being named as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Thunberg changed her profile to ‘A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend,’ – mocking then-President Trump’s response. 

December 2019: Thunberg changed her Twitter profile to ‘pirralha’, the Portuguese word for ‘brat’, after she was called it by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro  after she condemned the slaughter of indigenous environmental protectors in the Brazilian Amazon. 

October 2019: Thunberg changed her profile to ‘a kind but poorly informed teenager’ after being labelled as such by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

September 2019: Thunberg changed her profile to ‘a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future’ in response to then-President Trump’s mocking of her UN speech. 

Thunberg rarely misses an opportunity to mock world leaders in their efforts to stop climate change. 

The 18-year-old Swede warned US lawmakers Thursday that history will hold them accountable for climate catastrophes if they do not stop subsidising the fossil fuel industry before it is too late.

Thunberg made the comments as she testified virtually to a House of Representatives panel on the day President Joe Biden began a virtual two-day Earth Day summit pledging to slash US greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. 

‘The simple fact, and uncomfortable fact, is that if we are to live up to our promises and commitments in Paris, we have to end fossil fuel subsidies … now,’ Thunberg said, referring to the international 2016 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

‘The fact that … we are still subsidising fossil fuels directly or indirectly using taxpayer money is a disgrace,’ she added. 

Thunberg, whose activism began at age 15 when she started skipping school on Fridays to protest outside the Swedish parliament for climate change, also voiced pessimism over pledges to cut fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030.

‘I don’t believe for a second that you will actually do this,’ she lectured the lawmakers of the House Oversight Committee’s environmental subcommittee.

‘You still have time to do the right thing and to save your legacies, but that window of time is not going to last for long,’ Thunberg said. 

‘We the young people are the ones who are going to write about you in the history books … So my advice for you is to choose wisely.’

Thunberg, who was Time magazine’s person of the year in 2019 for her work on climate change, has denounced the ‘madness’ of government subsidies for fossil fuel use. 

She says pledges by various countries to halve greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade are insufficient. 

Thunberg’s testimony came the same day President Joe Biden gathered world leaders for a virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, where he addressed the group from the White House Thursday morning  

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