Green snake found hiding in cabinet but can you find it?

Unwanted house guest caught admiring a display cabinet from the inside – so can you spot the sneaky home invader?

  • Sunshine Coast snake catchers posted a picture of a seemingly innocent cabinet
  • They asked their followers to spot the snake in the picture that was hiding  
  • Facebook users were quick to point out it was a common green snake

This may look like a typical photograph of a beach house cabinet, with six drawers, two shelves and a blue backing to bring out the surf vibes – but all is not as it seems.

Hiding tucked between the trinkets is an unwanted house guest.

A common tree snake has slithered into the cabinet and now sits perched between the objects. 

Tucked somewhere inside this cabinet is a common green snake – can you find it? 

Sunshine Coast Snake catchers were called to relocate the snake this week and shared a picture with their followers asking them if they could spot the creature. 

‘Spot the snake! An unwanted guest at a house in Golden Beach …. pretty easy one this time so I’m sure you all will manage – extra points if you can guess the species!’ they said in the post. 

Fans of the page were quick to call out the places they thought the scaly creature was hiding. 

‘The very rare and endangered “pot snake”. So named for its love of surprising unsuspecting home owners by wrapping itself along their ornamental pots,’ one joke. 

The snake is sitting on top a jar in the lower right hand side of the cabinet. One follower of the page posted this image to help others out 

‘For the love of all things holy!! In the hutch!! Is nothing off limits!?!? I’m sorry but I’d have to move to ice land after that,’ said another. 

‘Is it next to the Royal Doulton with the hand-painted Periwinkles?’ one joked.

‘China snake,’ offered up another.  

Australian snake catchers have become renowned for posting photographs of camouflaged snakes  and asking their followers to spot them. 

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