Grand Theft Auto: Video captures Auckland teens getting ‘trained’ how to steal car by adult in getaway vehicle

Shocking footage has shown the moment an adult and youths in a getaway car tried to brazenly steal a car in broad daylight on Tuesday.

Ian, whose surname the Herald agreed to withhold and lives in Auckland’s Royal Oak, was at home when he noticed a disturbance on his CCTV camera just after 5.30pm.

Taking a closer look, he witnessed a car pulling up outside his property with two youths jumping out of a getaway vehicle.

The two youths were seen scoping out Ian’s vehicle and attempting to break in.

“It was quite hard case. It just caught my attention the car stopping there and before I knew it they were pretty much at my back door,” Ian told the Herald.

Watching it unfold live, Ian could see the two youngsters attempting the break into his vehicle.

That’s when he leapt off his chair and ran outside to stop the break-in.

“I was in disbelief. I was watching it live. That’s when I headed straight down the driveway. They must have caught me in their wing mirror because they were out of there pretty quickly.

“The ones that jumped out the car wouldn’t have been much older than 13 or 14.

“As they were driving away we eye-balled each other. There were at least two others in the car as well as the two who got out and attempted to steal my car.”

As Ian ran down the driveway, the two youths involved in the attempted car-jacking were seen running away, while the getaway car pulled a fast three-point turn before speeding off.

Ian was seen hitting the top of the getaway car’s roof before pulling the fingers as the suspects got away.

The getaway car is believed to have been carjacked itself, with police confirming the owner of the vehicle had reported it stolen.

Ian and other witnesses said the driver looked to be a woman in her 40s, and the two suspects who jumped out were young teens.

The nature of the attack has raised concerns adults are using children or young teens to commit drive-by car-jackings and other crimes.

“The woman in the car was in her 30s or 40s. It looked like a training exercise.”

Ian also revealed his neighbour’s car was targeted just days before.

Inspector Jim Wilson, Auckland City East Police said the video is a reminder that thieves can strike at any time.

“This video is a stark reminder that car thieves are opportunistic and can strike fast.
Unfortunately vehicle theft is not a new occurrence.

“It is difficult to comment on the exact circumstances or relationship of all those involved in this offending, however police have seen in the past that more than one person may be involved in stealing a vehicle.

“The light coloured vehicle featured in the video has also been reported stolen by its owner.

“Earlier this year, police issued a list of the most commonly stolen vehicles in Auckland and the targeted vehicle featured in this video was among that list.

“Some models are targeted by thieves because they may be easier to steal. Often police find that vehicles stolen often go on to being used by the offenders to commit other more serious offending.”

Police have released a series of tips to keep your car safe from being stolen.

“The more secure a vehicle is, the harder it is to steal,” Inspector Wilson said.

“One way is to use a steering lock in your vehicle – these are relatively inexpensive and are a great deterrent.”

Other security tips include:

•Installing an immobiliser

• Install a car alarm

•Never leave any valuables in your vehicle

“Police also encourage people, where possible, to try and park down driveways and out of sight from the road. However, police acknowledge in many areas the age and design of properties mean there is a shortage of off-street parking available.

“The community is also encouraged to report suspicious activity to police by calling 111 immediately. “

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