GP waiting room trashed by raging patient with ‘unrealistic expectations’

A GP's surgery waiting room has been trashed by a fuming patient, upturning chairs and scattering Christmas decorations across the floor in a rampage.

It would appear that much of the damage was dealt out by a patient with "unrealistic expectations" of what could be done for them.

Tweets from the surgery doctor, Shehla Imtiaz-Umer, warned that the experience was a disturbing realisation of "anti-GP violence" that had spread through "rhetoric", Derby Telegraph reported.

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Doctor Imtiaz-Umer added that said rhetoric had led to "violence" against those working at the doctor's surgery and that it was a "miracle" nobody was harmed in the disturbing rampage.

The GP doctor took to Twitter, and said: "The anti-GP violence, abuse and aggression continue unabated. This is our waiting room at Wilson Street Surgery yesterday after a patient trashed it.

"Negative media narrative, anti-GP rhetoric, unrelenting demand and unrealistic expectations leads to this level of violence. Where will it end?

"Instead of caring for patients, we have to plan security for our patients' and colleagues' safety. Unacceptable for anyone to have to work under these circumstances with escalating attacks.

"It was a miracle that no one was physically harmed. Who or what will stop this?"

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Members of the public were keen to rally around Doctor Imtiaz-Umer, with one user saying that they supported the GPs and that "everyone should value them."

Another member of the public added: "I hope that you involved the police and off-listed the patient concerned. That is in no way acceptable."

Doctor Imitaz-Umer had previously spoken of the rise in violence against GPs, in an interview last year, she said: "Unfortunately we are facing a lot of verbal and at times physical abuse, there is a lot of abuse stemming from frustration.

"I’ve personally had patients swearing at me and saying they do not think I am qualified to make the view I have on their symptoms despite telling them I am qualified. We have had patients banging on the windows and vandalising property and we have had to call the police."

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