Glam poker player tries to prove her $120k ring doesn't vibrate

Glamorous poker player, 30, tries to prove her $120,000 ruby ring does not vibrate by taking it to jeweler who LENT it to her one day before controversial game: She won $269,000 at Vegas tournament after reading ‘Poker for Dummies’ book

  • Robbi Jade Lew stunned the poker world when she went all-in with a weak Jack-high hand to win the massive pot 
  • Garrett Adelstein, who lost the hand, believes she cheated during the game 
  • In a bid to clear her name, she took the seven-carat red ruby ring she was wearing during the match to a jeweler – who lent her the piece in the first place – to check if it was bugged
  • People have claimed that the allegations lodged against her are sexist  

A glamorous poker player has attempted to prove that her $120,000 ruby ring does not vibrate after she was accused of cheating in a Las Vegas tournament.

Robbi Jade Lew, 35, beat Garrett Adelstein during a Hustler Casino live stream game of Texas hold’em – but her sensational $269,000 win caused rumors of cheating to swirl. 

Lew stunned the poker world when she went all-in with a weak Jack-high hand to win the massive pot on September 29. 

In a bid to clear her name, she took the red ruby ring she was wearing during the match to a jeweler – who lent her the piece in the first place – to check if it was bugged.  

Lew, who is relatively a newcomer to the poker world, also revealed that she learned how to play the game after reading ‘Poker for Dummies.’ 

The 35-year-old said that the seven-carat red ring was lent to her a day before by a 109-year-old jewelers in Los Angeles.

And she returned to the shop, Kazanjian, to get gallery manager Joseph Barrios to check if the ring has any type of device which would have allowed her to cheat.

Robbi Jade Lew, 35, went to a jewelers in LA who checked if the ring had any type of bugging device in it. She is pictured here wearing the ruby ring on her middle finger

Robbi Jade Lew, 35, only started taking poker seriously after the coronavirus pandemic

Eagle-eyed fans believe they’ve spotted a key clue in the game footage, when Lew appears to fiddle with a ring and remove or rotate it under the table after the hand

Kazanjian, the LA jeweler which lent her the ring a day before the game. She returned back to get one of the jewelers to check if the ring was bugged

Looking at the ring through a loop, Barrios told LA Times: ‘I don’t see anything that would be considered as a technological add-on to it. It’s insane. 

‘Would that have happened to a guy? No.’

Lew also decided that she was going to buy the ring from the jeweler, because ‘it’s a good story.’

And the poker player said that now she’ll probably wear the red ring on every stream after the outrage it caused on September 29. 

Debunking the claims that she somehow cheated for money and fame, Lew added: ‘I didn’t need the money, so that’s hilarious. If I wanted to be famous, there are far easier ways to do it than this.’

And she shot down claims of foul play over her chair vibrating – instead insisting that she was hungover and forgot to take her ADHD pills, causing her leg to shake.  

Adelstein, 36, from Arizona, is a regular at the 24-hour Hustler Casino in California. He was playing a Texas hold’em game when he was stunned into silence by Lew, a relative newcomer.

Lew suddenly made a call to go all-in despite having a relatively poor hand, leaving Adelstein and observers agape.

Those commentating on the game were in disbelief because the odds were stacked against her with online betting casino DraftKings calculating there were around 150 ways for Lew to lose, but only six ways for her to win – which she proceeded to do.

Adelstein forced Lew to go all in with her $130,000 hand and appeared shocked as her cards revealed her to have a ‘Jack high’, winning the game and taking the entire $269,000 pot.

During the hand, Lew was holding offsuit Jack-four in the hole, while Adelstein had the seven and eight of clubs.

The flop came out 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, nine of clubs, meaning that Adelstein needed any club, jack, or six to achieve a flush or straight for a near-certain win.

At this point Lew called Adelstein’s $2,500 bet, and the turn brought a three of hearts, which was no help to either player.

Adelstein initially bet $10,000, which Lew saw and raised to $20,000. Adelstein then went all-in for for $129,000.

At this point, with only one card left to be revealed, Adelstein had a 53 percent chance of winning, according to live odds from the broadcast.

After crossing her arms and fiddling with her chips briefly, Lew called the all-in bet, stunning the announcers.

‘She calls?!’ exclaimed one announcer, going on to speculate that the on-screen graphics showing Lew’s Jack-four hole cards might be incorrect.

The river card came up Ace of spades, again helping neither player. Lew’s Jack-high won the pot.

Lew then gave back he winnings shortly afterwards with Adelstein seeing the gesture as ‘an admission of guilt’

The river card came up Ace of spades, again helping neither player. Lew’s Jack-high won the pot. 

Poker newcomer Robbi Jade Lew, 35, right,  won an all-in hand for a pot of $269,000 against Garrett Adelstein, 36, who lost the hand, who believes she cheated during the game

Footage from the match showed ‘bizarre’ behavior from Lew, which some fans say is evidence of a cheating scheme which would have required her to work with another person monitoring the live broadcast of the game, which reveals each player’s ‘hole cards’ that are not visible to the others at the table.

Eagle-eyed fans believed they may have spotted a key clue in the emerging scandal in the moments after Lew revealed her winning cards.

As the hole cards were revealed, the light banter at the table suddenly stopped, and Adelstein stared silently at Lew for upwards of a minute, with one commentator remarking ‘it’s literally the most disturbed look I’ve ever seen Garrett give.’

Lew, growing visibly uncomfortable, began to fiddle with the rings on her right hand, including a distinctive round red one on her middle finger.

Seconds later, after she placed her hand below the table, the ring’s large setting was no longer visible, after she either rotated it or slipped it off.

Poker professional Matt Berkey said: ‘Essentially she played a very bad hand in a way that suggested she could see her opponent’s hole cards.

‘Her hand was so bad that the worst player in the world wouldn’t want to put any money into the pot.’ 

High Stakes Poker Productions said: ‘We take the allegations very seriously and understand anything is possible.

‘This investigation will be extremely detailed and may take considerable time to complete. 

‘Once the investigation is finished, we will release the findings publicly — no matter what they reveal. It’s important for us to reinforce that we have found no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone at this point.’

Lew previously worked in a senior capacity for pharmaceutical company Bayer

Adelstein has appeared more than 50 times on the casino’s livestreamed show winning more than $1.6million

Lew has only appeared twice on the online poker game collecting just over $100k in winnings

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