Girl, 10, battling spinal cancer gets adorable puppy to help through recovery

A brave young girl fighting off cancer has had her biggest dream answered with an adorable puppy to help her recover.

Evie Orman, ten, was diagnosed with grade four Medulloblastoma and spinal cancer in April 2019 which she is finally rehabilitating from with the added comfort of little Teddy.

Evie's mum Katie Orman from Southwick, West Sussex, was given a black and white pomeranian and chihuahua cross puppy from a dog breeder and groomer for free.

On Wednesday Evie had the surprise of her life when she opened the front to the fluffy little pomchi.

Her mum Katie Orman had been thinking about getting a companion for Evie, sending several enquires on social media in the hope of finding the perfect pooch for her daughter.

Katie described Teddy as coming at the “perfect moment” and has given Evie a much-needed boost.

Katie said: “Dogs are the best therapy. Evie had so many therapy dogs visit her in hospital.

“One of our friend’s even took a pony to the hospital to see her so all along animals have been by her side to offer support."

Callie Moss and her father Harry Moss felt compelled to give the family Teddy for free after hearing everything Evie has gone through.

“But Evie loves her dogs and loves her horses, so it is such a beautiful thing that Callie has done,” Katie added.

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Evie was operated on for ten hours at Southampton General Hospital in 2019 but her cancer had spread to her spine and she was left with Posterior Fossa Syndrome, forcing her to use a wheelchair.

After a year of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Evie had clear scans and was able to return home.

But a vascular stroke in November 2020 meant Evie had to return to hospital for another three weeks.

Now fully rested, she has started getting neuro-rehab in the hope it will help her to walk unaided again.

Callie who gave Teddy to the family, said: “Katie contacted me saying that her family were looking for a dog and she wanted me to help her find a little puppy suitable for her daughter.

“She explained to me that her daughter had a brain tumour and spinal cancer and she told me how much of a warrior she was.

“I just couldn’t sleep, I was tossing and turning and thinking about it so me and my dad decided together that we wanted to surprise her with the puppy.”

A fundraiser for Evie has smashed the initial £1,000 target but remains open to donations.

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