General election LIVE: Boris Johnson ahead in polls as Lords to debate December election bill today

THE UK is set to go to the polls on December 12 after MPs backed Boris Johnson's calls for a general election last night.

Boris Johnson saw off Labour and Lib Dem attempts to call the election early after an amendment for a December 9 poll was voted down.

The bill now goes to the House of Lords and if it passes, Brits are going to the ballot boxes.

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    Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell insisted today the party would win the election.

    That's pretty bold for the first day of the campaign!

    “I think we will win, I think we will have a majority by Christmas.

    “I can't think of a better Christmas present,” he told the BBC.

    He insisted Labour would be “breathing down [Boris] neck in the campaign” and the party would “have a real go at this”.


    The BBC's Nick Robinson this morning claimed Amber Rudd was also on her way back into the Tories, after having a chat with the PM.

    But No10 are pushing back on this one already.

    Huffington Post's Paul Waugh says: ” No10 sources are indeed very cold on claims that @AmberRuddHR will be restored to the Tory whip. “I think itwill remain an exclusive to the BBC,” one says.


    Boris is ahead for now, but can Corbyn catch up?


    Boris must win nine more seats for the Tories than Theresa May did in 2017 just to get a majority of just one.

    But he faces almost certain seat losses in London and the West Country to the pro-Remain Lib Dems and to the anti-Brexit SNP in Scotland — leaving the PM with a huge electoral challenge.

    Pollsters have also warned that all parties face the most volatile electorate in British history, who could defy all predictions and vote a completely different way.

    Political analysts Opinium say the Tories boast a 16-point lead over Mr Corbyn’s deeply split Labour Party. Across several other polls, the average lead is 10 points.

    When Mrs May forced a snap election in 2017, her Tory party was 24 points up — but just shaved the result by only two points.


    Every election both parties havea list of seats they want to nick off the other one.

    Here's the sort of seats that Boris could be eyeing up to try and woo Workington Man – Dudley North, Newcastle and Crewe.

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