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BORIS Johnson has unveiled the Conservative manifesto and pledged to "unite Britain".

Read on for all the latest 2019 General Election news and Brexit updates.


    Mr Johnson enshrined his top six election policies — along with his pledge to crack on with Brexit — as solemn guarantees to voters.

    He insisted his polling day offer is a major “step change” from the belt-tightening of his predecessors David Cameron and Theresa May.

    Hailing what he dubbed “the biggest ever cash boost to the NHS”, he said: “I believe absolutely passionately it’s our job as One Nation Conservatives to support a step change in funding of our great public services, particularly the NHS.

    “This is a new government. It is a very dynamic, positive and active government.

    “We think now is the time to invest in our public services, but to do it in a way that maintains the long-term prosperity of our country.”


    THE NHS will not be for sale in any trade deal with the US if the Tories win the election, Boris Johnson said yesterday.

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the PM of plotting a post-Brexit sellout leading to £500million a week extra spending on medicines.

    It has been repeated at every Labour election rally.

    But the Conservative manifesto states: “When we are negotiating trade deals the NHS will not be on the table.

    “The price the NHS pays for drugs will not be on the table.

    “The services the NHS provides will not be on the table.”

    Independent charity Full Fact rubbished Labour’s £500million claim.

    It stated: “This figure is extreme and unrealistic.

    “It has not been the case in countries which have agreed trade deals with the USA, such as Australia.”



    The PM backed Britain’s troops and promised NOT to cut our Armed Forces if he gets to No10.

    Mr Johnson said there was a “sharp distinction” between his stance and Jeremy Corbyn’s as he showered praise on the “fantastic” military.

    Unveiling his blueprint for Britain, the PM told reporters: “We will not be cutting our armed services in any form.

    “We will be maintaining the size of our armed services.”

    It comes after reports that defence chiefs were considering proposals to slash the size of the British Army.


    The PM pledged to recruit 50,000 more nurses and set 50million extra GP surgery appointments a year in his blueprint for Britain.

    Mr Johnson will spend £759m on nurse recruiting and training in his first year at No10 alone.

    He will plunge a further £399m into creating more appointments for Brits in the same year, his manifesto pledges.

    There will also be the return of the student nurse bursary – between £5k-£8k for all – which was previously cut by the Tories.

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