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BORIS Johnson has launched ANOTHER bus – but this time it's the Tory party election campaign coach.

The PM addressed supporters as he stood in front of the coach emblazoned with 'Get Brexit Done' in big letters.

He said that most Brits can see that it's now time to deliver "will of the people" and sort out Brexit.

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  • The PM has been out and about today on the campaign trail. His destination this morning is Mansfield.

    He got a warm welcome from his first door knock, with resident Lucy Camm saying: “I cannot believe you are outside my mum and dad's house. I cannot believe you're in our street.

    “You have definitely got our vote. We do not like Jeremy (Corbyn).”

    And Susan Kitchen, 71, at the third property he visited said her heart was going “10 to the dozen” and she was “absolutely shocked” to see the PM.

    She said: “I told him I was worried about the deal he was making and asked him specifically if their laws could overrule our laws because that's what I've heard.

    “He said no, absolutely not, so I says to him if you're wrong I'm going to write you a letter – and it won't be pleasant.”


    The Tories and the Lib Dems have gone head to head… over trees.

    In an effort to one-up each other, as the Conservative Party announced they would triple tree-planting rates if they win the election, the Lib Dems said they would plant twice as many trees as the Tories.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “There is nothing more conservative than protecting our environment and these measures sit alongside our world-leading commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

    “But, just as with our planned investment in schools and hospitals, we can only do any of this if we end the gridlock and deadlock in parliament with a Conservative-majority government.”

    And Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson hit back with: “It's clear that the Conservative Party doesn't take climate change seriously.

    “Only the Liberal Democrats have a radical plan to make a real impact in the fight against climate change and build a brighter future for our planet.”


    Labour will sit down for crunch talks as they finalise their manifesto today.

    Jeremy Corbyn claims it will “knock your socks off” when it is published, but has come under fire for failing to make a clear commitment on immigration policies.

    The leader, his shadow cabinet, trade unions, affiliated organisations and the national policy forum will be among those hammering out the final details in a central London location today.

    So far Labour has announced a plan to create a publicly-owned broadband entity to deliver free full-fibre internet to the entire nation, as well as boosts to the minimum wage and the NHS.

    But the full details of the manifesto are supposed to remain tightly-sealed until the formal unveiling on a date in future.


    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could be set for a landslide defeat, an ex-pollster expert has said.

    Peter Kellner, ex president of YouGov, believes Mr Corbyn is in for a crushing loss similar to that of Michael Foot's defeat to Margaret Thatcher in 1983.

    The expert said voters have not been won over by Mr Corbyn's “controversial policies” such as the free broadband plan that would cost millions.

    Leaving Brits unsure he can be trusted with the UK's finances…


    Scotland Yard has today confirmed they are looking into two allegations of electoral fraud.

    The claims are that Tories offered peerages to senior Brexit Party figures to persuade them to stand down in the General Election.

    Lord Falconer wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Director of Public Prosecutions calling for a probe into what he said were “exceptionally serious allegations”.

    But Michael Gove today said: “I've got great respect for Charlie Falconer (Lord Falconer) but I think that this sounds pretty nonsensical to me.”

    And the PM flatly denied there had been any offers of peerages, saying that was “just not the way we operate”.

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