Fundraising website boss sparks debate as she derides Tube noticeboard

Fundraising website boss sparks fierce debate as she derides plea on Tube station noticeboard to be nice to people as ‘sexually harassing a stranger’

  • Dina Rickman, of GoFundMe, quote tweeted a picture of a TfL sign this morning
  • The TfL sign said: ‘When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them’
  • She said: ‘Thought of the day: why not take the time to sexually harass a stranger’
  • People said she is making a mockery of feminism and sexual harassment victims

The head of digital at crowdfunding website GoFundMe has been widely ridiculed online after suggesting a compliment from a stranger could amount to sexual harassment.

Dina Rickman, a former social at the Independent, posted a picture of a ‘Thought of the Day’ at Moorgate London Underground Tube station this morning.

The message board read: ‘When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say it but for them it could last them a lifetime.’

Ms Rickman’s tweet has sparked outrage on social media, where she suggested compliments could amount to sexual harassment

Ms Rickman quote-tweeted picture, adding her own take, which read: ‘Thought of the day: why not take the time to sexually harass a stranger.’

Her bleak outlook on the TfL message has sparked anger on the social media platform, with people accusing Ms Rickman of making a mockery of sexual harassment victims. 

Piers Morgan also took aim at Ms Rickman, claiming her tweet was ‘everything that’s wrong about modern feminism’.

One woman agreed with Good Morning host, adding she believed Ms Rickman was ‘giving feminists a bad name’.

Piers Morgan quote-tweeted Dina Rickman’s initial tweet

Ms Rickman’s tweet had more than 200 replies after going viral on Twitter. Here are just a few

She said: ‘Never thought I’d agree with Piers but he’s right. You’re giving feminists a bad name. My nanna always told people they had a beautiful smile. 

‘She’d be talking to a stranger and she would always say“ haven’t you got a lovely smile “her motto was more bees go to honey than vinegar.’ 

Dina Rickman has defended her comments made on social media this morning

Others piled into the debate, with another person saying: ‘What,, I see a women her hair is amazing! And I say wow your hair just looks amazing today, what do you use?? I’m now sexually harassing that women????? NO I’m not and peeps like you you going to make the world dull!’ 

Jamie Gemmell said: ‘Trying to work out how you took the words “something beautiful” to be sexual. I think the problem is with you, not the message.’

Another added: ‘Translation: Complimenting people is bad.’

Ms Rickman was also accused by others of ‘making a mockery’ of people who had suffered sexual harassment. 

Jake Rattley said: ‘Making a mockery of anyone who has suffered sexual harassment, shame on you! Disgraceful.’

Another person agreed, adding: ‘This tweet is disrespectful to people who have actually been sexually harrassed.’ 

Ms Rickman fired back at some of the replies, defending her position that compliments could be viewed as sexual harassment.

Megara_35 tweeted Ms Rickman asking: ‘Someone could be anyone? So if I say to a friend their outfits nice or their hair looks good, am I sexually harassing my friend?’

Ms Rickman then replied saying: ‘Obviously not, and I think you know that. I think approaching a stranger and complimenting them on something beautiful about them can be viewed as sexual harassment and definitely doesn’t brighten their day.’ 

Ms Rickman was accused of making a ‘mockery’ sexual harassment victims

Dina Rickman defended her original post online, saying complimenting a stranger could amount to sexual harassment

Ms Rickman did recieve some support on social media, with Renee Jacobs taking aim at Piers Morgan

Ms Rickman’s social media reply when asked by MailOnline for comment

Ms Rickman has received some support for her opinion. Replying to Piers Morgan’s dig at Ms Rickman, Renee Jacobs said: ‘Mansplain to me again why you-a total stranger with absolutely no concept of a particular woman’s present or past circumstances-have a god given right to at any particular moment insert yourself into her space & consciousness. What an entitled tool you are.’

MailOnline has contacted Ms Rickman and TfL for comment. 

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