Former fattest man in the world bemoans regaining 20st during lockdown

The former fattest man in the world has revealed the pandemic has forced him to gain 20st in weight after binge eating crisps due to a Covid-induced depression.

Brit Paul Mason was once the heaviest person in the world after weighing a staggering 70st in weight.

The 60-year-old made a remarkable turnaround after surgery helping him drop to 19st.

However, Paul has piled the pounds back on during lockdown.

His mobility is limited from chronic arthritis, which forces him to spend most days in a chair.

Six months ago, he took an overdose after suffering from depression but was saved by paramedics.

Speaking to The Mirror, Paul said: “Nobody was listening, nothing was happening, I could see myself slipping back into the bad old days so it was a cry for help.”

Paul’s life was saved by paramedics after they carried him out of his apartment with a sling, due to the lift being broken.

He was due to undergo numerous operations on his knees and hip, as well as multiple hernia operations.

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None of the planned operations went ahead due to disruption caused by the pandemic and Paul has been left in constant pain.

He has gone back to eating crisps, his favourite snack, to take the “edge off” his pain.

Paul said: “Of course I’m disappointed I have put weight back on but considering how tough things have been for everyone I don’t think I can let it get me down too much because depression is what led me here in the first place.

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“I have just got to focus on recovery and the future and I have realised I can do that through therapy.”

Paul hit the headlines for being the world’s fattest man but transformed his life back in 2010 with a gastric bypass operation.

He was left with folds of skin but those were removed through operations.

Paul later got engaged to American Rebecca Mountain in 2014 after they met on Facebook.

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He moved to the US but the relationship ended and Paul moved back to the UK to live in Plymouth, Devon, with round-the-clock care.

At his heaviest, Paul would eat a packet of bacon, boxes of crisps, chocolate, pie and chips or pizza, takeaways (often a kebab and burger) in a single day.

His journey following his surgery is going to be told in a new ITV documentary.

The documentary about Paul, called ‘The World’s Fattest Man: 10 Years On’, is set to air on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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