Footage shows Russian boat loaded with weapons blown up by Harpoon missiles

Footage shows the dramatic moment a Russian naval tugboat was blown up by two Harpoon missiles while in the middle of the Black Sea.

In a video, which was filmed using a TB-2 drone, the Russian "Vasily Bekh" appears to show a low-flying missile approaching the target before detonating and sparking two huge explosions.

Ukrainian officials have confirmed that its forces used an anti-ship missile system to strike the enemy vessel as it travelled to Snake Island loaded with weapons on June 17.

It is said that the sea-skimming harpoon missiles can sink a ship over the horizon from a distance of over 80 miles, according to The Sun.

The incident was the first time Ukraine has acknowledged launching the Harpoon missiles, which have been supplied by the UK, Denmark and the US.

Head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Maxim Marchenko, said: "This morning, our naval forces struck the Black Sea Fleet support vessel Vasily Bekh, with the TOR anti-aircraft missile system on board. Later it became known that he sank."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to give Ukraine the weapons, technology and intelligence to ensure that "Putin must fail" after meeting with President Zelensky in Kyiv back in April.

The PM also pledged £100million worth of further UK military assistance, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry and so-called “suicide drones”, that hover over the battlefield before an attack.

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The news comes after Russian state TV host has threatened that Vladimir Putin’s troops are ready for a “colossal war” with NATO and warned they will soon be able to utilise 100 missiles a day to aid the fight.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is nearing its fourth month, and there have been suggestions on Kremlin-sponsored channels that supporters of the regime are growing restless at the current stalemate.

This has led some anchors to reject the leader’s assertion that the conflict in Ukraine is a “special military operation”, with one news anchor even declaring that World War Three has started.

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