Five bombshell pieces of evidence that ‘prove’ Prince Andrew DID meet rape accuser Virginia Roberts

PRINCE Andrew has repeatedly insisted he has never met his rape accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre – but here is the evidence that suggests otherwise.

The Duke, 61, is facing a lawsuit filed by Ms Giuffre who claims she was forced to have sex with him three times in 2001 and 2002 – in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island.

Virginia alleges she was trafficked to have sex with Andrew by multimillionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his twisted lover Ghislaine Maxwell.

British socialite Maxwell was a close pal of Andrew and the two have known each other from their university days.

She is alleged to have been the one who introduced him to Epstein – and thus Virginia.

Andrew has always strongly denied all allegations made against him and has said he was not aware of any improper behaviour by Epstein and Maxwell.

But a New York court will decide on Tuesday if the civil lawsuit against the Duke of York brought by Epstein victim Ms Giuffre can proceed to a trial next year.

In his car crash BBC interview in 2019, Andrew denied ever meeting Ms Giuffre.

Andrew famously claimed in the interview he was medically unable to perspire, a response to Ms Giuffre's account of an alleged sweaty dance in London.

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His former pal Maxwell, 60, was this week convicted of five out of six counts of sex trafficking for vile Epstein’s paedophile ring.

And a stony-faced Andrew last week broke cover for the first time since Maxwell was found guilty as it was reported his lawyers were locked in emergency talks following the verdict amid fears she could "name names".

Despite Andrew's claims he has never met Ms Giuffre, there are five bombshell pieces of evidence that appear to show he did.


Despite Andrew insisting he has never met Ms Giuffre, a photo appears to show them together.

Taken in 2001 when Ms Giuffre was 17, the picture appears to show the Duke alongside her, with Ghislaine Maxwell standing to the side.

It was allegedly snapped at Maxwell's townhouse in London.

The three are smiling in the picture, with Andrew's arm around Ms Giuffre's waist – with the photo alleged taken by Epstein.

But in his Newsnight interview, Andrew claimed the photo could have been doctored as he doubled down on claims he never met Virginia.

He also claimed he has no memory of going upstairs in Ghislaine's house and says the clothes he was wearing in the picture are his "travelling clothes".

Meanwhile, he also said he has never seen Epstein with a camera and dismissed the image as a "photograph of a photograph of a photograph”.


In a further blow to Andrew's claim, Epstein's former handyman has claimed he saw him sexually assaulting Ms Giuffre.

Telecoms specialist Steve Scully revealed that he saw the Duke of York on Epstein’s “Paedo Island” to 7News in the documentary Spotlight: Sex, Lies and Videotape.

The 71-year-old has insisted he saw the Prince on Epstein’s private island and even spoke to him while he was with Ms Giuffre.

In an audio recording of Scully he claims: “He [Prince Andrew] removed her bathing suit top and then started grinding against her and grabbing her a**.

"They were kissing as well. Virginia was standing there, she kinda looked like she was like a deer caught in the headlights of the car.”

Scully previously told the Sun that he is willing to give evidence in court.


Epstein’s former PA Johanna Sjoberg claims the Duke groped her breast when she was 21 years old while she sat on a sofa with him and Ms Giuffre.

Court documents revealed Andrew allegedly touched Ms Sjoberg when they posed for a picture.

In her testimony in 2016, she said Andrew and Ms Giuffre were sat on a couch with a Spitting Image puppet on her lap.

She added: “And so then I sat on Andrew’s lap – and I believe on my own volition – and they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his on mine.”

Ms Sjoberg alleged the incident happened at the New York home of his deceased paedo pal Epstein, according to court papers.


One woman claims she saw Andrew dancing with Ms Giuffre at Tramp nightclub – hours before the royal allegedly had sex with the teen.

Following his car-crash BBC interview, US lawyer Lisa Bloom – who represents several victims of Andrew’s paedo pal Epstein – says a woman from London approached her.

Ms Bloom previously told The Sun: “She says that in 2001 she was at the Tramp nightclub and recalls seeing Prince Andrew. It was pointed out to her by a member of her group.

“The woman remembers it vividly. She had never seen a royal before or since. It was a very big moment for her — she stared at him.

“She says he was with Virginia — who looked very young and not happy — but Andrew was smiling and seemed to be very much enjoying himself on the dancefloor."

The Duke has denied he was with Ms ­Giuffre at the club — insisting to Newsnight he was at Pizza Express in Woking instead.


Andrew said he took daughter Princess Beatrice to the pizza chain for a birthday party on March 10, 2001 – the day it's alleged he had sex with Ms Giuffre.

But Beatrice has “absolutely no recollection” of the Pizza Express gathering her father claims to have taken her to.

And the Daily Mail last year reported the family who hosted the now infamous party cannot recall what happened and have no pictures.

The paper also claimed that housekeepers at his Sunninghill Park home “can’t remember” his movements.

It has also emerged that a royal protection officer said to have been on duty that weekend has died.

And this claim has come under renewed scrutiny after Andrew's lawyers have said they have no witnesses to confirm he was Pizza Express.

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