First picture of Brit, 31, missing after ‘falling overboard’ from Majorca ferry

This is the first picture of the Brit who is feared dead after a "man overboard" alert on a ferry in Majorca.

Rem Kingston, 31, was reported missing after the ship – Hypatia de Alejandria – arrived at the port in Palma on Friday.

No trace has yet been found of the man despite a three-day search involving three boats and two planes.

But the sea search between Ibiza and Palma has now been called off.

Rem's panicked sister Megan has made a desperate plea for the public to help find him.

Megan, who has travelled to Majorca, said: "Rem has mental health issues. He suffers from paranoia and sometimes gets scared of people. There is a possibility that he hid himself somewhere on the ferry and returned to Valencia, stopped and disembarked at the port of Ibiza or that he did come ashore here in Palma and is on the island.

"It has not been ruled out 100% that he did not disembark here in Palma; it’s just that my mother had lost sight of him. All the security forces and the Consulate staff have been really helpful and are doing all they can. Should anyone spot Rem, please call the police straight away.

"If approaching, please do so calmly as he is fearful and not trusting of people in his current mental state."

Photographs of Rem, from Essex, have been distributed to police forces across Majorca, Ibiza and Valencia.

The crew of Hypatia de Alejandria confirmed that no lifejackets were missing.

Interpol have also been alerted to the disapperance.

Rem's mum raised the alarm shortly before docking in Palma.

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