Excited pup runs away from home to see his pals at doggy daycare

Excited pup runs away from home and crosses a busy road to see his pals at doggy daycare more than a MILE away

  • Hugo fled his Missouri home and headed all the way to the Happy Tails Pet Hotel 
  • The doggy daycare in St. Anne shared a video of the Labrador mix dashing in 
  • He darted around wagging his tail and excitedly greeting his four-legged friends 
  • Happy Tails said Hugo was ‘lucky’ not to be hurt after crossing a busy boulevard 

A mutt in Missouri wanted to see his pooch pals so badly that he ran away from home and ventured more than a mile away to his doggy daycare center. 

Hugo the Labrador retriever mix left his home in St. Anne and crossed a busy road to get to Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland, the center said in a Facebook post last week.

‘Hugo is a frequent boarder here and last week Hugo ran away from home with only one thing on his mind… Happy Tails!’

Hugo the dog ran more than a mile to see his friends at Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland in St. Anne, Missouri

The doggy daycare center shared a video on social media of Hugo bounding in and wagging his tail 

An employee saw Hugo sprinting across the parking lot and dashing in through the front door. 

The daycare posted a surveillance video of the dog darting about, wagging his tail and excitedly greeting his buddies.  

Happy Tails said the pup was ‘extremely lucky’ after ‘crossing a median on Lindbergh’ to see his four-legged friends.

‘We are so glad Hugo wasn’t hurt and told him next time to have his dad drive him,’ the post said.  

Luckily Hugo’s owner saw the funny side of man’s best friend preferring his pooch pals.

‘All dad could do was laugh as he picked Hugo up!’


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