Ex-teacher sentenced for sexually assaulting girl during snow day

A former science teacher in Maine who admitted to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl after plying her with pizza and booze during a snow day was sentenced to six years in prison.

John M. Glowa Jr., 43, pleaded guilty Monday to one charge of gross sexual assault against the teen, who told a judge she still suffers flashbacks from the January incident and distrusts male figures, including teachers, the Kennebec Journal reports.

“It’s scary not to know all the ways this will be negatively impacting my life,” the girl told a judge, adding that she’s also fearful anytime she sees someone resembling Glowa — or even vehicles that look like his car.

A judge sentenced Glowa to six years in prison, with three years suspended as he spends another four years on probation. He apologized to the girl before being immediately taken to jail following the hearing.

“I accept full responsibility,” Glowa read from a prepared statement. “I created this mess. I have only myself to blame.”

Speaking directly to the girl, Glowa said he was sorry she “had to be here” and apologized for his actions.

“I deeply hope that someday you’ll be able to accept my apology,” Glowa said.

The former teacher at Gardiner Area High School told a judge he was a “broken and humble man” who lost his career and home, among other possessions, after plying the girl – who attended a different school outside of the Gardiner district – with alcohol before sexually assaulting her at his home in Mount Vernon on Jan. 23, a day many schools in the area were closed due to snow.

Glowa was arrested at the school a week after the sexual assault and was placed on administrative leave. He was also prohibited from returning to school grounds, district officials said.

“The shame and remorse and derision that he has gotten because he was a teacher is tremendous,” Glowa’s attorney, Pamela Ames, said during Monday’s hearing.

Glowa, who had no prior criminal history, is now barred from having contact with girls under 16 except his biological children and must register as a lifetime sex offender, the newspaper reports.

“It’s almost beyond my ability to comprehend what Mr. Glowa was willing to risk on that January day,” Justice William Stokes said. “What you’ve done, Mr. Glowa, is taint that reputation for everyone else in that profession.”

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