Ex-NASA astronaut believes ‘there’s something out there’ after major UFO report

A former NASA astronaut has spoken out about his belief that "there's something out there" days after the UFO report was released by the Pentagon.

The nine-page report, which was highly-anticipated for years, confirmed there were more than 140 unidentified flying objects the US intelligence couldn't determine what they were.

It also admitted that the objects could pose a national security threat and there needs to be deeper analysis over concerns they showed 'advanced technology'.

Bill Nelson, who read the Pentagon UFO report, believes humans are "not alone", and that the report "says basically what we thought."

Speaking to CNN, he said: "I’ve seen the classified report. It says basically what we thought.

"We don’t know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw, they know that they saw something, they tracked it, they locked their radar onto it, they followed it, it would suddenly move quickly from one location to another."

The former Florida Senator, who now works as a NASA administrator added that he feels "there is clearly something there."

He added: "It may not be extraterrestrial but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have, then we better be concerned.”

Nelson thinks life exists in the galaxy outside of Earth.

Skeptics involved in the debate believe sightings can be explained by hypersonic drones, potentially hailing from Russia or China.

But Nelson doesn't think it's the case but instead is looking beyond the stars.

He said: “We don’t think so (that it's an adversary) but when it comes to the universe, remember the universe is so large, we have a program in NASA called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

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"But, thus far we don’t have any receipt communication from something that’s intelligent."

The Pentagon UFO report released on Friday investigated 144 sightings of 'unidentified aerial phenomena' (UAPs) but officials could only identify one, leaving the 143 remaining as a mystery.

The identified report was a large deflating balloon.

It also couldn't rule out that the UAP sightings resulted from extraterrestrials, but also admitted no evidence was found they were from alien visitors.

Former Navy pilot Kevin Day, who saw the infamous Tic-Tac UFOs, demanded a public apology and claimed he was "mocked and ridiculed" by government officials.

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