EuroMillions winners who scooped £1m prize use cash to pay for daughters’ IVF

A doting couple were able to use their EuroMillions £1 million jackpot to pay for both their daughters to have children via IVF.

Ruth, 61, and Mark Chalmers, 60, from West Yorkshire scooped the life-changing prize back in February 2018 – but it wasn’t their circumstances they were set on changing.

Tragically, both their daughters Natalie and Leanne suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which makes it difficult to get pregnant.

And once their kind-hearted parents had ensured the two girls were on the property ladder and had no mortgages, they only had one thing on their minds.

Mr Chalmers said: “And, after that, it was the grandchildren.

“Natalie had gone through it for quite a number of years of trying to get pregnant and different things going on with her medical conditions.

“At one stage, she rang me in floods of tears saying ‘they want to take my womb out’ and she thought that was the absolute end.

“But luckily, she persevered, she saw some other doctors, and we didn’t need to go down that route. And then we looked at going down the IVF route.”

“So we’ve sort-of had another double lottery win.”

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After a successful operation, the pair have now been blessed with two grandsons Natalie’s three-year old Koby and Leanne’s 19-month old Brogen.

Mr Chalmers continued: “That’s how I look at it – the fact that the process was was reasonably easy, and they were both successful first round.

“And, obviously, we’ve got the two boys.

“The lottery is a fantasy that became reality for us.

“It’s given us a lot of security and a lot of pleasure – most over those two (boys).”

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