Entire restaurant cheers as woman punches customer for using racist slur

A restaurant erupted with applause after a woman punched a customer who made a monkey gesture towards an African-American man.

The racist burst into Aburi Sushi in Long Beach, California, on Mother’s Day after earlier being told he would have to wait for a table.

He branded the African-American man a ‘monkey man,’ and told another female customer to ‘look over there bitch.’

One woman then stood up to try and separate the racist from another customer who squared up to him after he continued to hurl the hateful slurs.

But she ended up losing her own temper as his offensive tirade continued, and punched him five times in the face.

Eyewitness Ivan Velasco, who was in the restaurant with his mom, told CBSLA: ‘He…starts shouting at them, it’s a shouting match back and forth.

‘And from then on, he says the racial slur that’s heard in the video, which, if you were in the room, the moment he said that, everybody was like – the ball dropped.

‘Everyone knew this was something.’

He added: ‘There’s a lady who’s trying to protect him, the lady winds up hitting him, she’s trying to say, “Hey, you don’t need this, you don’t need this”

‘He charges at those two patrons, he keeps saying those slurs, and that’s when she loses it, she punches him five times in the face.’

Afterwards, the man who was punched left the restaurant and called police.

Long Beach Police told CBSLA that a man and woman had both been cited for battery.

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