Elle Brooke spills on ‘designer vagina’ surgery and bum lift that ‘didn’t work’

OnlyFans star turned boxer Elle Brooke has lifted the lid on her plastic surgery attempts, admitting that her Brazilian butt lift – known as a BBL – didn’t turn out as she expected.

The adult performer is currently preparing for a fight against rival OnlyFans model Astrid Wett, with the bout set to take place in London on July 16.

There has been no love lost between the pair ahead of the scrap, with Elle warning that “killing” Astrid’s career will be the “best thing” she ever does.

Now, in a candid chat on the Saving Grace podcast, the scrapper has lifted the lid on her alternative career posing nude online, and discussed the plastic surgery she had received to enhance her looks.

“You know I had a designer vagina?” she asked. “I actually have my labia in a jar.”

Also known as labiaplasty, some women decide to get the procedure if they are unhappy with how their vagina looks; though the NHS advises discussing the option with a GP first.

Elle continued: “I actually had my labia trimmed. I was always really self-conscious about my vagina because where I had worked with a lot of girls they all had these idyllic, tiny vaginas, and mine had one side bigger than the other.

“So he literally just cut a triangle and sewed it all together so now it’s all perfectly even… and I had fat put on the outer parts so it’s puffier.”

Despite being happy with her vagina surgery, the adult performer admitted that an operation to enhance her backend had not gone so well.

“I actually had a BBL but it literally didn’t work,” she admitted, before revealing that the surgery was also very painful.

“[I was] black and blue, I will show you the pictures later you’ll be like, ‘Jesus Christ’… It feels like you’ve been hit by a truck. So when I had my [vagina surgery] done, I couldn’t even feel it.

“It cost me ten grand and it didn’t even work.”

Elle has been cutting weight to get in shape for the upcoming fight, and she recently sent fan’s pulses racing after showing off her six pack during a cooking challenge on YouTube.

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