Elizabeth Warren Slams Trump For Refusing To Pay $1 Million Pledge To Charity: ‘This Is What Lying Looks Like’

Trump pledged to pay $1 million to charity if Warren could prove her Native American heritage, then claimed he never made that pledge.

Elizabeth Warren has come out swinging for Donald Trump after he refused to follow through on a $1 million pledge to charity if she took a DNA test proving her Native American heritage.

On Monday, the Massachusetts senator and potential 2020 presidential candidate took to Twitter to confirm the results of her own DNA test, showing that she indeed had Native American heritage. Trump had frequently mocked Warren by claiming that she fabricated her Native American lineage, often calling her “Pocahontas” and even pledging $1 million to charity if she were ever able to prove the claim.

Warren has now called on Trump to make the donation, choosing the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, which addresses domestic violence and safety for Native American women. But when reporters asked Donald Trump if he planned to follow through with his donation, Trump denied ever making the promise, telling reporters to “read it again.”

Elizabeth Warren responded by tweeting a video with the heading “This is what lying looks like” that showed Trump making the $1 million pledge, side-by-side with the video from Monday of Trump denying making that pledge.

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test so that it shows you’re an Indian,” Trump said in the video clip.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump would have reneged on a pledge to donate to charity after challenging a political opponent. Back in 2012, he pledged $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice if he could prove that he was born in the United States. After Obama released his long-form birth certificate proving that he was born in Hawaii, Trump did not follow through on his promise.

As the Washington Post noted, Trump even later claimed that he actually offered $50 million — which he never had — and said Obama never followed through on his end — which he had.

“Now then, what wasn’t reported by the press is, sometime just prior to the expiration date of that offer, I raised the offer to $50 million. $50 million! For charity,” Trump said in 2014.

“Pick your charity, for $50 million, and let me see your records! And I never heard from him.”

It seems unlikely that Donald Trump will follow through on his $1 million charity pledge to Elizabeth Warren either. His administration has already attacked the results of the Massachusetts Senator’s DNA test, with adviser Kellyanne Conway calling the results “junk science.”

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