Ear-biting brute suffers instant karma as 16-year-old victim is kickboxing champion who floors him

A THUG who bit a chunk out of a 16-year-old's ear and left him needing stitches was then floored by the teenager – a Jiu Jitsu world champion.

The brute was seen hassling and grabbing Alex Williams in Guisborough, Teeside.

He threatened student Alex and told him "I'm gunna smash your head in" and "I'm gunna stab you down the alley."

But Alex, a multiple junior world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dropped his assailant with some expert moves.

Video footage shows him using a double leg takedown and restraining the yob on the ground. 

Alex told Teeside Live: "As he got closer to me I saw an opportunity to defend myself and fight back, so I took it.


"When the fight or flight kicks in you've got to choose one or the other and I chose to fight back and I was focused.

"Obviously I was worried in case he had a knife on him because he has threatened to stab me but in situations like that it's about surviving and I was thankfully ready for him."

The footage shows the man trying to attack Alex a second time before being knocked down again.

Alex said: "I thought after I had taken him down the first time that he would have walked away but he came back for more so I just continued to try to restrain him without hitting him.

"I was in a seated position and the move just came to me naturally because I've drilled it a thousand times in training.

"My main aim was to de-escalate the situation safely."

There was blood everywhere and I realised he had bitten a chunk out of my ear

After the man walked away Alex called the cops, before going to hospital for treatment.

He said: "There was blood everywhere and I realised he had bitten a chunk out of my ear.

"I went to hospital to get it cleaned and I've got six stitches in it now."

Alex is trained in BJJ, MMA, mixed martial arts and wrestling and hopes the incident will encourage others people take up one of the sports.

He added: "I just saw the situation as a bit of a scuffle but now about 1.3m people have watched the video I can't believe it.

"It's surreal really – but I am glad it's raised awareness for other young people like me to hopefully inspire them to get into a combat sport or something where they can learn to defend themselves safely."

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