Drunk woman punched bouncer in Coyote Ugly-themed nightclub while dancing on bar

A woman was pinned down in the street by police officers after she was allegedly thown out of a busy night club for dancing on the bar and punching a bouncer.

Trouble first broke out in Liverpool’s Coyote Ugly – which takes its name from the 2000 film about barmaids who dance on the bar – when the woman allegedly climbed onto the surface and asked to get off by a doorman.

She is then understood to have punched the bouncer and been thrown out by security staff, the Liverpool Echo reports.

A Merseyside Police spokeswoman said: “A woman was dancing on the bar and the bouncer told her to stop, but she punched him.”

A video of the aftermath of that incident was uploaded onto Facebook showing the woman’s supporters screaming at officers restraining her to let her go.

Police said the woman was escorted outside just after 2am on Sunday, where she became “aggressive” towards officers.

The footage does not identify the woman, but shows as many as six police officers being needed to restrain her.

During the chaotic scenes, members of the public filmed what was happening, and some suggested to police that the large officer presence is unnecessary.

The woman, 31, from Flintshire, in north Wales, was arrested for assault of a member of the public and also for being drunk and disorderly.

She was taken to custody and was given a conditional caution and ordered to pay £50 compensation to the victim.

The victim, the doorman, suffered “reddening to his face”, police added.

Onlookers claimed police had been heavy-handed with the woman, with one man being heard to say: “It’s a disgrace, she’s been treated very poorly.”

Another woman added: “She’s just p****d.”

One woman was heard to say: “They say she’s glassed someone, but she’s my friend, and she wouldn’t glass anyone.

“She’s got a five-year-old daughter. Seven police onto one girl, that’s a disgrace.”

There is no evidence that police or any of the security staff at Coyote Ugly did anything wrong.

Coyote Ugly was contacted for a comment but they were unavailable.

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