‘Drunk’ woman interrupts street dancers – and steals the show

This is the amazing moment a ‘drunk’ woman interrupted a group of breakdancing street performers – and stole the show with a series of incredible backflips.

The hilarious scenes were captured on mobile phone on a street in Pattaya, Thailand, which begins with a group of men showing off their moves in the street.

After a few performances, the woman staggers into the middle of the watching crowd to showcase her own gymnastic prowess.

At first the blonde woman, believed to be British, appears to be joking while drunkenly spinning around and whooping, before she stunned onlookers when she executed three perfectly timed bare-footed backflips.

The woman then swayed back to her friends and was reunited with her bottle of beer amidst cheers from the amazed crowd.

Filmer Terrence Frost from Hanwell, west London, said: ”The breakdancers were doing their thing and being posers.

"Tourists were putting change in a hat for them.

”Then the blonde girl appeared and walked in. She was a bit tipsy and I though to myself ‘oh, here we go, she’s going to make a fool of herself’.

”But I couldn’t believe it when she pulled out those backflips.

"She wins. She stole the show, no doubt about it. In a loose black dress and barefooted, too. I was very impressed.

”The man who went to dance after her looked a little bit sheepish.”

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