Drivers slammed for not stopping while schoolboy was choked by bully in street

A schoolboy was pinned to the bonnet of a car on the way home from school and forced to apologise after he was punched in the head by a bully.

Other youngsters can be heard jeering and laughing in four videos which emerged on social media of the attack in a residential street in London.

People commenting on the footage slammed drivers who went past without

In the footage, the bully tries to make his younger-looking counterpart face the camera and apologise for something.

He says: “Will you say it again please? One more time. Face the camera, come on. This car will be the next one I strangle you on. Say sorry.”

The victim then pleads “relax bruv” but the assault continues.

“Get the f**k off me bruv,” the bully goes on.

“I’ll get reported. Report me, go on. Report me to the camera. Three, two, one, action.”

The person taking the footage then interjects, saying: "He is getting reported for this crime of bullying a little Somalian kid.”

As the bullying victim walks away, the bully smashes him in the head as other boys out of view laugh.

“That was a hefty bang,” one says.

The video then cuts to the main bully holding the victim’s neck as he throttles him on a car bonnet.

The victim then walks dejectedly off.

The incident was reported to both schools and the police.

Meanwhile viewers were upset and furious about the child’s torment at the hands of his bullies.

Christina Deacon said: “Vile. And not one car stopped! Everyone should speak up when they see something unjust.”

John Chapman said: “His mates and whoever is filming it are just to blame he is playing to the crowd. Horrible.”

Others described it as “disturbing” with many saying it is the sort of behaviour that leads to teenagers getting stabbed.

Roo Guye said: “Disgusting child. The school need to take drastic measures to make sure bullies are dealt with. That poor child – hope this bully gets sorted soon.”

Muna Ali said: “The principal of this academy or school needs to be alerted ASAP.

“Also to keep his eyes open on what happens at his school under his watch.”

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