Donald Trump Jr posts hilarious vid of his dad appearing to knock Biden over on Air Force One stairs with golf ball

DONALD Trump Jr gave Joe Biden the meme treatment in a video where his dad appears to knock over the President with a golf ball. 

Biden tripped on Air Force One's staircase three times but Don Jr joked: "It wasn’t the wind folks."

Earlier on Friday, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre explained it was the windy conditions that caused Biden to stumble.

But, along with posting his meme, Don Jr tweeted: “Pay no attention to the fact that the President of the United States is so frail that he got knocked over repeatedly by a gust of wind.

"Nothing at all to see here, folks!"

Don Jr also took the opportunity to slam the media reporting of Biden’s tumble, accusing it of forever scrutinizing his dad’s health and physical state when he was president. 

He said: "I remember the press bashing Trump for touching the rail once.

"Biden falls repeatedly but I’m sure he’s the picture of health.

"No wonder all our enemies are pouncing simultaneously and mocking him publicly."

Meanwhile, on social media, many joked the 78-year-old Biden would need a stairlift to access Air Force One. 

Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland massacre survivor who has become an advocate for gun rights, posted a meme, showing Biden using a stairlift calling it "Chair Force One".

The 78-year-old tripped a total of three times as he made his way up the stairs to board Air Force One.

Biden quickly recovered and carried on up the stairs, giving a salute before entering the aircraft.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden is "doing 100 percent fine" following the tumble.

Late last year Biden was seen wearing his typical navy blue suit with a cast on his right foot outside The Queen theater in Delaware.

He appeared at the venue in Wilmington to formally unveil his six-person economic team, a core group that includes veterans from previous Democratic administrations and historic firsts.

Biden was forced to wear the protective boot for "several weeks" after x-rays revealed a "hairline fracture" in his foot.

Journalists assigned to Biden first revealed the injury.

"On Saturday, Nov. 28, President-elect Biden slipped while playing with his dog Major, and twisted his ankle," a pool report said.

"Out of an abundance of caution, he will be examined this afternoon by an orthopedist."

Worrying footage taken today showed the president, 78, tripping on the stairs just months after injuring his foot.

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