Donald Trump explains why he thinks Boris Johnson is ‘wrong’ over ‘liberal’ renewables

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Former US President Donald Trump has condemned Boris Johnson’s support of wind farms. Wind energy is a central feature in the Conservatives’ drive to net zero, but Mr Trump thinks the PM is “wrong” when it comes to renewables.

In an interview with Nigel Farage for GB News, Donald Trump condemned Boris Johnson’s support of wind energy.

He said: “Boris is wrong if he’s going heavy into wind… he is wrong.”

His contempt for wind turbines seems to be centred primarily on their appearance, as he branded them as “monsters” and “disgusting to look at”.

He added they are prone to “rust and wear out and look terrible”.

Mr Trump expressed his surprise that Boris Johnson has “allowed” so many wind farms to be built, and voiced his particular concern that “ugly” wind farms were being built close to his golf course in Scotland.

He said: “You [the UK] are one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you are destroying it with all these wind turbines all over the place.”

Although Mr Trump’s main grievance with wind farms seems to be focused on their “horrible” appearance, he also argued that Boris Johnson support of wind energy would be too costly.

He said: “Wind is the most expensive form of energy and remember every 10 years you have to replace those monsters.

“A lot of times they don’t bother, you know what they do they just let them rot.”

Mr Trump also raised environmental concerns surrounding wind farms, as he said: “They kill all the birds – they are so bad.”

Despite his condemnation of the PM’s widespread adoption of wind energy, Mr Trump stressed his personal fondness for Mr Johnson.

He said: “I like him, I got along with him, I’ve always gotten along with him.”

But he lamented his apparent move to the left, adding: “He’s gotten a little more on the liberal side.”

The UK led the way at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), to encourage countries to adopt carbon taxes in a bid to reduce the world’s emissions.

But Mr Trump branded these taxes as “ridiculous”. He said: “I think the carbon taxes that they want to put on countries and people and companies… I think it’s ridiculous.”

Although many world leaders are turning their backs on fossil fuels, Mr Trump blasted the US’s move away from oil, natural gases and “clean coal”.

He said: “We have in, our case, liquid gold. They are taking it away from us by not letting us use it.

“And natural gases, very clean, it works out very well you have clean coal even, but we have resources in the US which are incredible and the enemy is making us feel bad about it, and taking it away putting our companies at a big disadvantage.

“We were at a position the likes of which we have never seen just a year ago, and now people can’t get gasoline for their car… and if they do, they have to pay so much, it’s very sad.”

He finished by saying: “I love it [the UK]. I love your people, I love everything about it. I got along great with Boris, but I see what they are doing and I think they are making a tremendous mistake.”

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