Donald Trump Battles With His Umbrella While Leaving Air Force One During Storm & The Umbrella Won

Donald Trump faced off against his umbrella after leaving Air Force One, and Trump totally lost. Watch the hilarious video of his sad attempt at shielding himself from the rain.

Normally a president would walk off of Air Force One with dignity and grace, but Donald Trump had neither of those things while arriving in Washington D.C. on April 28 after skipping the White House Correspondents Dinner. Trump, 71, stepped off the aircraft into a storm, and like most people trying to shield themselves against a downpour, opened his umbrella. However, the device didn’t want to cooperate. The wind caused the umbrella to tug away from Trump, who attempted to gain control of it. This was largely unsuccessful as the umbrella then turned itself inside out, and Trump had to accept defeat while walking down the steps from the plane completely unprotected from the rain. Umbrella: 1. Trump: 0.

It’s probably a good thing Trump bailed on the White House Correspondents Dinner, because he got absolutely roasted there too. The Daily Show‘s Michelle Wolf hosted the event, and took jabs at politicians and journalists, but it was her comment about the President’s absence that was the true highlight of the night. “I would drag him here myself but it turns out Trump is the one p***y you’re not allowed to grab. He said it first! Yeah he did,” she quipped. I mean, is she wrong?

The 32-year-old comedian previously explained to The Hill why she believes jokes about Trump are acceptable. “I think it’s fair game to go after him as much as you want,” she told the news outlet. “I also think there’s so much happening, and so many people to make fun of, that it would kind of be a waste to only go after him. Especially in late-night right now, there’s so much comedy about him. It’s kind of refreshing to hear about the other terrible things.”

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